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Staying up-to-date with the latest entertainment trends, gossip, and analysis can be quite a task. That’s where pop culture influencers come in, serving as our go-to sources for all things trending. They’re the ones who dissect the latest celebrity news and analyze the hottest TV shows, movies, music, and more while giving us their unique takes and insights. In this blog, we will delve into the realm of top pop culture influencers making waves by delivering the juiciest gossip and most insightful analysis.

10 pop culture influencers with the scoop


The Instagram account Bachelor Data has about 134K followers and analyzes pop culture and reality television through three accounts. This one in particular is focused on “The Bachelor” franchise. Suzana, who runs the account, is a TV data analyst. Her other accounts are Pop Culture Data and Rethink Data.

Noelle Foley

Noelle has an Instagram with over 1 million followers where she talks about pop culture, travel, food and living with an invisible illness. She posts bright and fun lifestyle content as well.

Courtney Revolution

Courtney is a pop culture commentator and influencer with a podcast called Toast to Tea. His Instagram account has over 168K followers, and he has appeared on Netflix’s “The Circle.” His videos are funny, and his take on pop culture is a step above the rest.

Maggie Kelly

Maggie is the face behind the pop culture Instagram account Best of Bravo. The account has 251K followers and focuses on, you guessed it, Bravo TV. Maggie discusses the “Real Housewives” franchises and other reality TV shows.

Culture Pop

Culture Pop has more than 560K TikTok followers who tune in for content about Disney, celebrities, award show drama and other pieces of pop culture. 

Bravo After Thoughts

The Instagram account Bravo After Thoughts has almost 33K followers who follow for the drama, outfits and scandals coming out of the Bravoverse.

Pop Culture 2000s

Pop Culture 2000s is an account with about 40K followers that focuses on pop culture from the early 2000s and beyond. You’ll find videos like these funny memes and insights on celebrities.

I Live for Bravo

Another Bravo-based pop culture account is I Live for Bravo, which has 63K followers. While the focus is on Bravo’s reality television gossip and drama, the influencer running the account also shares about rescue puppies and true crime.


Stefano runs the pop culture account Calabasas Wings on TikTok, which has 283K followers. He shares his favorite celebrities, award shows and other pop culture moments. 

Jordan Theresa

Jordan is a pop culture YouTuber with almost 500K subscribers and shares videos about pop culture and internet trends. Her videos are in-depth, thought out and the perfect watch for those who love pop culture and trends.

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