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While many voices are contributing to the technology discussion on social media, a growing number of female tech influencers are leading the way with their expert knowledge and unique perspectives. This blog post will shine a spotlight on some of the tech-savvy women who are providing invaluable insights into the latest technological developments. From AI to cybersecurity, these female tech influencers are empowering others with their expertise and inspiring the next generation of women in tech.

Top female tech influencer

Reshma Saujani

As an accomplished lawyer, politician and founder of the non-profit Girls Who Code, Reshma is easily one of the most inspiring women in the tech industry. She shares her success and knowledge with more than 387K Instagram followers. Her platform highlights her opinions on recent political events and explains the mission behind Girls Who Code.

Whitney Wolfe

Whitney is the brilliant mind behind the social media and dating platform Bumble. On Instagram, she showcases her life in the tech field. As a co-founder of Tinder and the company’s former vice president of marketing, Whitney has an incredible career that inspires over 236K followers.

Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl is the former COO of Meta and the founder of the gender diversity awareness organization LeanIn and Option B. Sheryl is one of the most impressive women in the tech industry and uses her platform to share her career with more than 1.1 million Instagram followers. Sheryl now offers advice for women looking to join the tech industry, touches on politics, and often shares her latest work.  

Justine Ezarik

Justine, known on YouTube as iJustine, shares her knowledge of technology with over 7.1 million YouTube subscribers. Since 2006, Justine has featured the latest tech products and software and shared her opinions and advice on the latest gadgets.

Rana el Kaliouby

Rana is an accomplished computer scientist who founded Affectiva, the deputy CEO of Smarteyeab, and the author of “Girl Decoded.” She shares her experiences as a woman in tech and her abundance of industry knowledge. She aims to help bridge the gap between humans and technology.

Mary Bautista

Since 2013, Mary has built a platform on YouTube by sharing her love for technology and educating others with her content. The female tech influencer keeps her channel current by discussing the latest tech products and software. Her expert advice and reviews have earned her 1.99 million subscribers. 

Jenna Ezarik

Having a passion for technology runs in the family as Jenna is the sister of Justine and has also built an impressive YouTube channel focused on sharing the latest products and unboxings with more than 929K subscribers. Jenna’s channel differs from her sister’s as she uploads videos that show how she uses certain products.

Hayls World

If you are interested in purchasing any of the latest iPhone and Apple products, Hayls can help. As a woman in the tech industry and a YouTuber in the U.K., Hayls has built her platform by sharing the latest tech, AI tips, hidden features, gadgets, how-to videos, and more. Her videos catch the attention of more than 1.73 million subscribers.

Sara Dietschy

Sara takes to YouTube to not only share vlogs and tutorials discussing the latest technology products but also to educate her viewers on how AI can affect their daily lives and how the YouTube influencer industry works. Her engaging discussions and reviews have earned her over 932K subscribers.

Tiffany — Tiff in Tech

As a software developer who started her career in the modeling and fashion industry, Tiffany uses her channel to not only share her expert opinions but also to discuss how broad the tech industry can be. She talks about her opinions on tech in the future and being a software developer for more than 323K subscribers.

Maggie — _itsmaggiez

Maggie is a tech pro based in San Francisco who has more than 23.8K TikTok followers. She talks about working in the industry as a 25-year-old. She appeals to younger audiences by discussing current trends and explains her job through #techtok-related content.


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Jules — julesmonica

Jules joins #techtok as a woman who works at Google. Jules takes to TikTok to share her 9-5 experiences and give insight into working in the industry. In between her tech experiences, Jules shares her life outside of work and clothing hauls with more than 78.2K followers.


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