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There are an estimated 600 million blogs online. At the helm of the most popular blogs are some of the world’s most innovative blog influencers. Whether you’re looking to work with a blogger on an upcoming campaign or want to become a blogger yourself, this list of blog content writers will provide the inspiration you need.

Take a look at the top 27 blog influencers

Darren Rowse

Darren is a mid-tier blog influencer on Twitter who advises readers on how to successfully create and manage a blog on ProBlogger. On Twitter, the Australian blogger shares the latest content writing job openings and a post on growth tips for mature blogs.  

Heidi Cohen

Heidi is a top global marketer and member of the blogger community, thanks to helpful insight in her Actionable Marketing Guide. For Twitter followers looking to get started in the digital or content marketing world, Heidi shares 10 podcast tactics to implement for audio marketing growth and how to strengthen your reader relationships with email newsletters.

Cathy Trochelman

A foodie and blogger, Cathy runs her recipe-filled blog, Lemon Tree Dwelling. Readers can find many great recipes on her blog and mouth-watering pictures on Instagram. From split pea soup to cherry cheesecake turnovers, there’s a recipe for everyone. 

Sara Faye

Sara is a fashion blogger who shares her favorite trends on her blog, Love, Sara Faye. From sustainable threads to flowing summer dresses, this beauty shares her love of fashion with her blogging community and Instagram followers.

Brian Clark

Brian is the founder of Copyblogger, which teaches you how to create great blog content. He also contributes to blogger websites like Further, a newsletter that promotes personal growth. On the Twittersphere, Brian is a mid-tier influencer who posts about the meaning of midlife and how to build your expertise

Neil Patel

Neil is a New York Times bestselling author, co-founder of NP Digital, and a top blog influencer who educates companies on mastering digital marketing. For his 440.9K Twitter followers, Neil shares how marketers plan to spend money in the new year and 10 paid media predictions and tips for marketers.

Jeff Bullas

On his self-titled website, Jeff encourages people to reach their full potential in both life and business. As a Twitter mega-influencer, Jeff teaches his followers how to be a master media marketer and the pros and cons of buying likes on social media.

Jon Winokur

Jon is a top blog influencer behind Advice to Writers, a site where writers gather for wisdom about their profession. For his 473.3K followers, Jon shares ways for writers to practice their craft and the benefits of joining a writing group

Chelsea Fagan

Chelsea is known to her Instagram followers as thefinancialdiet, where she promotes her website and blog of the same name. As a blogger influencer, Chelsea encourages women to talk openly about money and teaches them how to live a better life on any budget. Her 844K followers tune in for smart money swaps and six ways to feel richer with zero cost

Kevin Indig

Kevin is a blogger influencer with expertise in SEO, business growth and tech. On his self-titled website, he blogs about how to be your best in business. For his Twitter followers, the Chicago-based entrepreneur dishes on whether or not network effects can replace performance marketing and nine growth ideas for turning the Twitter tide.  

Shane Barker

Shane is a digital strategist and consultant for brands and influencers. The California blog influencer shares the 15 biggest e-commerce trends and the best email marketing tools from his website blog with his Twitter followers. 

Jeff Goins

Jeff is a successful author, ghostwriter and one of the top blogger influencers in the game. On Fresh Complaint, Jeff helps thought leaders turn their innovative ideas into bestselling books. For his Twitter followers, Jeff shares his insights into the creative process and educates aspiring writers on how to take their ideas from the first draft to a published product

Cyrus Shepherd

Cyrus is the founder of Zyppy SEO, which helps small brands and businesses increase their online presence and traffic. For his 101.1K Twitter followers, Cyrus posts about the most popular link-building tactics for content creators and the importance of blogging about the most current Google ranking systems.

Chris Brogan

Boston-based Chris is the Chief of Staff on Appfire, a website and blog that helps digital developers and teams reach their goals. For his 317.5K Twitter followers, Chris blogs about the secret to staying motivated and his thoughts on technology.    

Mark Schaefer

Mark is a keynote speaker, marketing strategist and author based in Tennessee. He’s also behind the top-ranked blog on Businesses Grow. On Twitter, Mark shares his blog posts on the latest developments in content marketing and 20 entertaining uses for Chat GPT for his followers.  

Jane Friedman

Jane is an influencer blogger who reports on the publishing industry and breaks down the writing industry for those entering the field on her personal website and several newsletters. On Twitter, Jane discusses author income summaries and answers editing questions for her 215.2K followers.  

Jorden Roper

Jorden is a three-time college dropout turned successful freelance writer — and she wants to help others build a lucrative writing career. On YouTube and her website blog, Writing Revolt, Jorden posts about the correct rate to charge for freelancing and shares how she chooses the writers she hires.    

Lizzie Davey

Lizzie is an e-commerce writer for several brands who shares resources for freelancers on Freelance Magic. For her Twitter followers, Lizzie shares weekly tips from her own experiences and how she lands new freelancing leads.

Ryan Holiday

Ryan is an author and blogger based in Texas who doles out words of wisdom for everyday life on his blog and Daily Stoic. He’s also a mega blogger influencer on Twitter, where he shares eight ways to cultivate negative capability and daily insights based on the words of classic philosophers.

Elna Cain

Elna is a Canadian writer, copywriter, and blogger on her website. She gives guidance for aspiring freelancers to build a successful writing business. For her Twitter followers, who know her as ecainwrites, Elna shares how to start freelance blogging without prior experience and tips for achieving maximum blog growth.  

Kaitlyn Arford

Kaitlyn is a freelance writer and blogger based in Kentucky. On Twitter, she shares links from her blog on her website on topics like email templates to use when you’re revising your freelancing rates and how to use your time in December wisely as the year winds down. 

Seth Godin

Seth is an NYC-based author and blogger who retweets posts from his blog about life and writing. As a mega influencer on Twitter, Seth shares his thoughts on prompt engineering and AI technology with his followers. 

Matt Kendrick

Matt is a writer, editor and teacher who contributes to many digital publications. He also blogs on his website, retweeting a compilation of his favorite writing resources and ways to be kind to yourself as a writer for his Twitter followers, who know him as Mkenwrites. 

K. M. Weiland

K. M. is an award-winning, internationally published author who teaches others the tools for writing success. She shares her blog topics from Helping Writers Become Authors with her Twitter followers, including her favorite books of the year across three genres and how to choose character goals in your writing.

Jessica Faust

Known to her Twitter followers as BookEndsJessica, Jessica is a literary agent, author advocate and blogger. On her BookEnds site, she blogs about good publishing 101 for those new to the writing industry and how to know when you’re done writing a piece.    

Terry Whalin

Terry is a Colorado-based editor, author, communications expert, and information marketer passionate about helping other writers hone their craft. He’s also a mid-tier Twitter blog influencer who links to posts from his blog on what action steps to take when your book isn’t selling and how to reach the seemingly unreachable contacts in the publishing world for his followers.

Ann Smarty

Ann, aka seosmarty on Twitter, is a marketing brand manager, SEO consultant and guest blogger for several online publications. For her followers, Ann links to blog posts from her site as well as guest blog posts about how to see your content spread on social media and how to find an author’s email for link building.   


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