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Finding a blog writer to work with can seem a bit daunting, especially if you’re looking for a very specific niche. IZEA’s Creator Marketplace is filled with blog writers that you can filter through to find the best writer for your project.

From freelance writers to travel bloggers, you’ll find many blog writers ready to work with you today to share your product on their own website or as a ghost writer for yours.

16 blog writers you can work with starting today

Patrick Tchakounte

Patrick is the owner of Database Comics but also has experience in journalism and entertainment. He likes to produce blog posts on medicine, science and entertainment. If you’d like to see more about Patrick’s work and how to best work with him, you can see his profile here.

Patrick Tchakounte blog example

Saidah – Aprons & Stilettos

Saidah, the creator of Aprons & Stilettos, is looking to work with brands on topics like family, food, travel wellness and lifestyle. She will create an original blog post of up to 750 words about any topic, product or brand for the brand to use as their own content. To find out how to work with Saidah, check out her profile.

Ashley – Ashley on the Move

Ashley is a travel blogger on Ashley on the Move who encourages young people to get out there and travel even while working a traditional 9-5 job. Her focuses include weekend travel, bucket list destinations, North Carolina, and adventure travel. She’d love to work with brands to create travel content for their own use. Check out her profile to learn more!

Jessica Lee

Jessica is a popular influencer and model who also creates freelance blog posts for brands. She likes to write about are lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel. If you’d like to find out how to work with Jessica, do so here!

Saxon and Nate

There are plenty of recipe bloggers to choose from, but finding one who focuses on food allergies can sometimes be tricky. Saxon and Nate have created a unique space for those with food allergies and other health issues to be able to still eat tasty food. Whether you’re a brand looking to promote your allergy-friendly product or service on Allergy Girl & The Chef or you’d like a recipe created for you, Saxon and Nate are open to working with brands.

Leilani Jeanette

Looking for a long-form ghost writer? Leilani is the blog writer for you. She writes content for brands including anything within the lifestyle niche with a special interest in digital nomadism and tips for content creators. She is open to writing a SEO-optimized blog for brands to use on their own website. 

Taylor Shrum

Taylor is a recent graduate of Florida State University, where she majored in editing, writing and media. While she just graduated, she has eight years of experience copywriting and editing everything from beauty, news, and lifestyle. She’s also been featured in the Bradenton Herald. To find out how to work with Taylor on your next blog post, check out her profile.

Ekta Swarnkar

Ekta is a certified SEO content writer who writes for digital marketing and lifestyle businesses. She also has her own website where she helps others start a blog with tips for beginners. Her specialties include topics like SEO, social media, WordPress, online business and small business. Ekta is available to help brands with newsletter, website and blog copy

Etka blog post example

Eposi Elonge

Eposi is a blogger out of Maryland who is looking to work with brands in health, science, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. You can find her writing style on her own website where she shares about grad school, lifestyle and productivity. She’d love to work with brands on creating original content to use on their own websites. 

Eposie Longe blog post example: 5 ways to focus your feed

LaToi Storr

LaToi is a Philadelphia blogger who writes about all things self-care and mental wellness. Her mission is “to help and inspire women (and men) to step out into this world to be their best versions of themselves despite dealing with anxiety, or mental health issues.” LaToi has helped brands with content about media, entertainment and retail. She’d love to work with brands to create original blog content featuring their product or services. 

Asia Crawford

Asia is a full-time blogger at Frugal and Frills. She writes about motherhood and budgeting, as well as blogging tips for beginners. She helps brands by writing on a variety of topics while also being knowledgeable in SEO to optimize reach. 

Asia Crawford blog post: 8 easy ways to get paid on Instagram

Hayley Payne

Hayley is the mastermind behind the Daily Pretty, an empowerment and knowledge platform covering career, business and lifestyle. They create customized, professional editorial features on their website. 

The Daily Pretty website

Candy Washington

Candy is a freelance writer with experience writing about lifestyle, wellness, fashion, beauty, and entrepreneurship. She’s even written four books. Candy is open to long-term partnerships where possible and is open to talking with brands about new content. Check out her profile to find out more about her writing services.

Esther and Jacob

Esther and Jacob are travel bloggers who have built a dedicated audience on Local Adventurer around travel tips, gear reviews and daily adventures. They would love to work with brands in the travel industry to share with their audience. They create SEO-driven content paired with photography that they will share on our top travel blog. The Local Adventurer receives over 630,000 monthly page views and 352,000 MUVs. 

Camille Whiting

Camille is the blogger behind Friday We’re in Love. This Arizona mom blogger creates SEO-optimized product blog posts with original professional photos for brands targeting millennial moms and couples. She has over 10 years of experience in writing and blogging and is excited to work with more brands interested in her particular niche. 

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Jonathan Sacks

Jonathan is a traveler, photographer and the blogger behind Everyone Hates a Tourist. He’d love to work with brands to promote their products or services on his blog. He covers a variety of travel-related content including food, craft beer, cocktails, history, sports and travel guides. 

Everybody Hates a Tourist


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