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Looking to hit the ground running on TikTok? Jumping on one of the trending sounds or ideas is a great way to show up on more people’s For You Page. Remember, TikTok isn’t just for dancing anymore (although there’s definitely a space for that if dancing is your thing!) and there are tons of trending sounds, songs and new ideas that you can add your own flare to. If you’re looking for unique, fun ways to show your personality while jumping on a TikTok trend, then we’ve got some ideas for you.

10 TikTok trends you can try right now


Katey Lorrell was just trying to take a simple #ootd when she hit the side of her bed and made an audible “ahhhh” sound that has now taken over TikTok. Thanks to Katey for uploading this video because it’s now gone viral with over 30 million views and almost 76,000 videos dueting or using her sound. It goes to show you that even a funny mistake can catapult you forward on TikTok.


Just trying to show my fit off but the good lord had other plans 😩🥲 #voiceeffects #ScreamItOut #hurt

♬ original sound - Kate 💥

“As It Was”

Who doesn’t love a good excuse for a throwback? Over 536,000 videos on TikTok are using Harry Styles’ “As It Was” song to showcase a throwback of the last few years. To jump on this trend, make a video using a pictures showing how you’ve changed over the years. Showcase how your business has grown, your style, weight loss, relationships or anything else that you want to show how much you’ve changed.


no bc this trend made me tear up in my bathroom

♬ As It Was - Harry Styles

“Wow, Crazy Girl”

This original sound actually comes from Maggie Stetson as she’s watching another girl dip her burrito in cheese. That video has almost 40 million views and the sound has been converted into a stand-alone sound that people are using all over TikTok. It seems to be a favorite sound of moms showing how conversations with a little one can sometimes go. So if you have something that you deal with all the time, or a child asking you a billion questions, make a video with your own personal flare.


Taelynnn makes guest appearances when I have to be impressed by unimpressive things… I’m a good mom I swear 🥲

♬ original sound - CallmeBeba

“Perfect, Perfect, Perfect”

With over 80,000 videos made using the “Perfect, perfect, perfect” sound, people are using this trending sound in two ways: to show something about your life that’s just absolutely perfect or the opposite — to show some sarcasm about something that’s happened that’s not-so-perfect.

The Rotoscope Effect

The latest dance trend is actually perfect for those who aren’t great dancers. Using the sound “In My Mind,” TikTokers are using the Rotoscope effect to dance around in multicolors. As a creator, you have tons of creative freedom to make a fun video using this trend. Here’s an example of Shay Mitchell using the sound and effect to show how excited she was for her due date to be around the corner.

The Tiny Bee Effect

This tiny bee is taking TikTok by storm. Use this sound and the “Tiny Bee” effect, then type out something on the screen that no one can stop you from doing, whether it’s buying more clothes or bothering your sibling. Brands could use this to share them offering a major deal — and no one can stop them.

“It’s Never Been My Thing, Not Into It”

This TikTok trend is your perfect opportunity to let people know what you don’t like. Creators and brands have been using this Kardashians sound on TikTok and Instagram to show some of their not-so-favorite things.

Laptop Presentation

While this trend is new, it’s definitely taking off on TikTok. Jump on this trend right away by pulling out your laptop and pretending like you’re going to start a new presentation about something you love, like your city or a place you’re visiting. From there, tap a few times and then show a bunch of rapid-fire beautiful pictures of your favorite person, place or thing!. Brands can use this to show product images in quick montages.


the journey of putting yourself first ☁️ concept ib: @ValeriaTorress

♬ original sound - Valeria Torres

“Come Back Here”and “Teach Me How to Dougie” Mashup

With over 123,000 videos made with this music mashup, there are so many options to make this trend your own. One idea is showing something you’re weren’t sure about and then when the mashup begins, show a video or photos of it actually working out better than expected. You can also use this trend to add in an easy dance like these nurses did.

“It’s a Genre”

Tiktokers have made almost 250,000 videos with this sound by Savannah Hannah. Make a video about something that you’re confident about or something you think is funny about yourself when saying, “Not everybody fits on the roster.”


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