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Episodic content is growing in popularity. By releasing content in small, digestible pieces, or episodes, marketers almost mimic traditional sitcoms. They create a story, draw people in, and encourage viewers to come back for the next piece of the story. 

Episodic content can take on any form, from blogs to podcasts, but the most popular format is video. Marketers everywhere seem to be leveling up their video marketing, with 99% of them saying they plan to continue using video in campaigns

Whether you’re a video veteran or completely new to the format, coming up with ideas for episodic content is one of the biggest challenges.

Here are five ideas that any marketer could use to create episodic content

Ask customers to share their story

One of the best ways to create episodic content is through storytelling, but that’s often easier said than done. To be effective, a story must include real people, be authentic, and connect with the audience. 

Humans of New York does this beautifully. What started as a journey to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers turned into sharing short, intimate stories of residents like this woman’s connection to the 9/11 terrorist attacks

Your brand could do something similar. Interview your audience members and share their stories.

A non-profit, for example, might interview someone who receives assistance, or a brand could interview customers who use their product to solve an everyday problem. Remember to focus on the person and their story and not the product.

Create how-to content 

Consider creating a series of how-to videos that incorporate your product or service. A landscaping company could provide seasonal gardening how-tos. A kitchen retailer could create content that focuses on quick dinner recipes. A furniture company could provide remodeling inspiration like IKEA. This video explored how to turn a small space into a classroom or office, which was a timely topic during the pandemic. 

Create your own mini sitcom

For marketers with a decent budget and resources, you might consider creating your own mini sitcom. To do so, you could work with an influencer who would reappear in the show and create short, snappy stories with subtly placed products throughout it. 

Take the Miss Adventure series that Kate Spade rolled out as an example. The series features actress Anna Kendrick who just came home from shopping at Kate Spade and gets locked out of her apartment. Products are cleverly placed in the video, but it’s a relatable, funny story.

Tease an upcoming product release

Are you planning to release a new product or service? It’s a great time to utilize episodic content. Rather than making a big announcement with complete product details, why not tease the audience a bit and build some intrigue? 

You might create a short video with your product developers, followed by a customer who’s testing something new out. The third video would reveal the product, the fourth video would explain where to get it, and the fifth installment could be a montage of customer testimonials. 

When video game makers IO Content were set to release its new action-adventure game, Hitman, it released small pieces of the game at a time to build excitement.   

Shoot a behind-the-scenes series

Any brand can create a series of behind-the-scenes videos. Consider giving people a glimpse at how a product is made, interview employees, or shoot a tour of your facility.

GE has a behind-the-scenes video series called “From the Factory Floor,” which gives consumers a look at not only the massive machines that hum to life every day but the people who run them.  

Adobe uses episodic, behind-the-scenes content as a recruiting tool. The company releases regular employee interviews on its “Adobe Life” blog. The site provides an inside look at the company, those who work there, and the corporate culture. 

Any brand can deploy episodic content, but resources and budget will play a role in the decision. For brands looking to work with an influencer, consider reaching out to IZEA, where you can access a variety of influencer marketing solutions.

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