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From tending to cattle to attending a rodeo, ranch influencers offer a glimpse into a hard-working lifestyle. This list of influencers offers content on everything from gardening tips to cowboy dance moves.  For a one-of-a-kind campaign, consider teaming up with one of these creators.

20 rancher influencers who live off the land 

Chance Robert Gilliland 

Chance considers himself to be a blue-collar country boy living his best ranching life in the Wild West. For his 100K Instagram followers, lonesome_chance takes in the serene sights of Wyoming alongside his horse and strikes a pose in his rustic surroundings.

Chelsea Chapman 

Chelsea is all about health, beauty, and homesteading with a side of “low tox” living. The midtier Instagram influencer, better known as ranchin_redhead, loves on her horses and shares one of her favorite vitamin-rich skincare products with her followers. 

Tyler and Sarah

Tyler and Sarah are a pair of aspiring first-generation cattle ranchers who enjoy sharing their family lifestyle and homemaking skills with the masses. On TikTok, where the dedicated twosome are better known as themakingofelrodranch, Tyler and Sarah share their story as a cowboy couple and clear up misconceptions about life as a ranch wife.  

Farmer Tyler 

Farmer Tyler runs a beef cow herd and hay operation in Northern California. For his 120K YouTube subscribers, Farmer Tyler treats his cows to a massive salt block and preps for the arrival of his newest crop of calves.    

Wade Wagner 

Wade has a habit of regularly finding new adventures on the ranch. Known on TikTok as rancherwade, the macro influencer helps a baby cow out of a tough spot and gives a newborn calf his vitamins

@rancherwade Giving a newborn calf his multi-mineral and a cool jacket 🤓 #longhorn #babycow #ranchlife ♬ original sound - RancherWade

Rancher Ryan

Rancher Ryan stays busy raising six kids and running his ranch-raised beef business out of Idaho and Nevada. For his 114K Instagram followers, Rancher Ryan shares a stunning aerial shot of his herd set against the majestic mountains and views the cow-feeding process from a fresh perspective.   

Bill Perkins

Bill is a rustic rancher who’s passionate about his hard-working lifestyle. The midtier TikTok influencer invites followers to spend the day with him on the ranch and sharpens his calving skills.  

Lance Pekus

In addition to being a self-proclaimed Cowboy Ninja Warrior, Lance is also an author, rancher, husband, and father. As a macro TikTok influencer, Lance shows off his smooth dance moves and fancy flips all while loading his horse into the trailer.  

@lancepekus flipping into fall! #cowboyninja #beef @beefitswhatsfordinner ♬ Neon Moon - DJ Noiz


When she’s not busy growing fruits and vegetables, Erin can be found soaking up sweet moments raising ranch animals like pigs, chickens, and water buffalo. The midtier TikTok influencer also spends quality time watching her kids bond with the animals.  

Ashley Binger

Based in South Dakota, Ashley is a farmer, rancher, and cowkid mama who’s into clothes, cattle, and cowgirling. On Instagram, Ashley treats her 133K followers to shots from her gorgeous western wedding and gets all glammed up for a night out at the rodeo.  

Karen Jack 

Karen is a fifth-generation Nebraska ranch girl. Known to her 186K Instagram followers as femalefarmerrancher, the self-proclaimed “farmher” and model shares scenes from bull watering duties and tagging the calves.   

Hanna Whitney 

Hanna is a horse-loving rancher with serious equine skills. On TikTok, where she’s best known as ranchy.stuff, the micro-influencer teaches her followers how to hobble break a horse and shows off her two new wild mares

Emmie Sperandeo

Emmie is a self-proclaimed horse trailer-dwellin’ cowpoke. With a whopping 1.7 million TikTok followers, to whom she’s best known as steadyrein, Emmie gets ready to ride her horse and shares her typical Saturday spent on the ranch in Montana

Ben Kretch  

Ben is a professional rancher who dishes out practical tips and plenty of humor. The mega TikTok influencer tries his hand at overhead pressing a railroad tie and feeds his horses, or as he calls it, “cowboy surfing.”  

Trinity Vandenacre 

Trinity is on a mission to share the secrets of Montana ranching with the world. He’s also a macro influencer on YouTube, where he reveals how ranchers make money with yearlings and takes his subscribers along for the ride on a day in the life of a Montana horse rancher.

Max Cookie 

Max is a cowboy and rancher living in Bastrop, Texas. For his 240.5K TikTok followers, Max gets the laughs rolling by introducing his followers to his most mischievous cow and shares smiles as he leads his herd out of the corral to a new pasture full of tall grass for snacking. 

@maxjcookie I led them through the corral to our newly fenced section and they FREAKED OUT over the new grass. #foryou #cowboy #ranchlife #fyp ♬ original sound - Max Cookie


Linsey is a California cattle rancher who loves living where the ocean meets the mountains. The Instagram micro-influencer flaunts her sense of cozy chic fashion with a quilted coat and reflects on the fabulous ranching life that she’s built.  

Morghan Leah Ruggles

Morghan is a female rancher, mom, and wife in Texas. On Instagram, she shares beautiful family photos on the ranch and gives an up-close-and-personal peek into branding horses for her followers.  

Greg Judy 

Greg is a regenerative rancher whose passion is teaching others how to make a living on their land and growing healthy food. On YouTube, the midtier influencer shares the history behind his family’s newly purchased farm and gives advice on setting up a successful grazing operation for his followers.

Tucker Brown 

Tucker is a proud husband, father, and sixth generation rancher in Texas. For his 144K Instagram followers, Tucker shares what happens when you leave the gate open on the ranch and explains how technology and ranching go hand-in-hand.   


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