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Nutrition and healthy eating influencers spread helpful tips for eating more protein, cutting carbs, tracking macros, or just adding more greens to your diet. Some are registered dietitians affiliated with hospital systems or medical centers, some are managing chronic conditions that require their diets to be adjusted, and others act as mini healthy recipe developers

Nutrition influencers giving food inspiration

Amanda Hernandez

Amanda is a dietitian, mom, and blogger behind Nutritionist Reviews. She shares healthy recipes and family life and has written the “30-Minute Family Cookbook. She offers health, nutrition, fitness, travel, and parenting content.

Hannah Haylward

Hannah aims to help her 41,400 followers with inflammatory bowel syndrome, bloating, gas, reflux, and gastro pain through natural methods. She doesn’t stop at simple tips but kicks up her content strategy by offering virtual sessions — even going as far as developing a Gastroentergology (GI) Pathogens Master Class. Hannah uses a mix of videos and graphics, and she always has creative text overlays on her content so followers can quickly scan or read along as she speaks.

Kylie Sakaid – Nutrition By Kylie

This popular dietitian has 2 million followers on TikTok and 269K followers on Instagram. Kylie shares unique nutrition tips that are accessible for those who might be strapped for time (like 10-minute meals) and those who are working with a tight budget ($5 meals). Her range of content makes her a great influencer to partner with, and she mentions popular food brands within her posts. She also has a huge YouTube following. Her videos include Q&As and more in-depth looks at her recipes.

Iliana Muhlstein

Iliana of NutritionBabe on TikTok is a mom of three and author of “You Can Drop It! How I Dropped 100 Pounds Enjoying Carbs, Cocktails & Chocolate — and You Can Too!She still finds time to share her daily healthy eating routine. She is a registered dietitian who shares weight loss tips, healthy and unique snacks, and custom recipes. She’s also shown meals that are quick to make and has insight into the best foods during pregnancy.

Alison Marras

Alison from Food By Mars is a gut health nutritional therapy practitioner. After being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease, she knew her diet needed a major change. After finding success with gut-healthy methods, she now shares recipes, tips, and nutrition facts with her nearly 50K followers on Instagram. Topics include food sensitivities, prebiotics, probiotics, and alternatives to caffeine, dairy, sugar, and flour. Alison also offers nutritional coaching via her website.

Kristen Carli

This micro-influencer and mom of one is the creator of Camelback Nutrition and Wellness, a nutrition counseling business. She has 5K followers on Instagram who follow her for her recipes. She shows the complete how-to on her Instagram and creates digestible tips and health benefits swipe-throughs. Some of her most popular posts are about what healthy foods are in season each month and how to incorporate plant-based meals into your diet.

Wendy and Jess

This dynamic dietary duo is doing big things on their social media and podcast, The Food Heaven. Wendy and Jess share general health tips, recipes, and motivational advice through Reels, swipe-throughs, graphics, and more. They also offer nutrition counseling and have been featured in health magazines (see: Self magazine). They also offer a free e-cookbook.

Diversity of Dietetics

Registered dietitians Deanna Belleny and Tamara Melton started Diversity in Dietetics as a way to build a community to increase ethnic and racial diversity in nutrition and dietetics. Their 22K followers on Instagram get to see highlighted members of the community, and Deanna and Tamara share resources like meetups, research opportunities, and mentorships about nutrition.


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