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It’s almost time for a special day for some of the most important people in the world: mothers. Mother’s Day 2022 is on May 8, 2022. Brands are already jumping on the Mother’s Day promotional train, creating content that pulls at the heartstrings of moms everywhere. It’s also a time for retailers to promote their products since Americans spend over $30 billion a year on gifts for Mother’s Day. That’s $124 per gift! When incorporating this holiday into your own marketing strategy, consider these six Mother’s Day brand ideas to take part in the celebration of mothers.

6 Mother’s Day brand ideas

Share cute or funny mom content

Create relatable or sharable mom content. Talk to a few moms and create a shareable meme, social post, or TikTok. You could also find a trending sound, create a Reel and encourage others to share or make their own. If funny content isn’t your vibe, plenty of brands love to make videos or content that pulls at your heartstrings.

Share a heartfelt message

Brands can also share quotes or messages of thanks and appreciation for moms in the days or weeks leading up to the holiday as well as on the day. Ask followers on social media to tag their moms in the comments for increased engagement. You can also create a branded hashtag of thanks for social media users to use in their own Mother’s Day messages. In this example, Hallmark — known for its cards and gifts — shared a message in a graphic that is sharable on social media.

Run a Mother’s Day sale or create a themed gift or bundle

Do you have any products or experiences that would be a great gift idea for moms out there? Think flowers, jewelry, clothing, spa experiences, coffee mugs, etc.? Put on a fun sale before Mother’s Day. Run a 22% off sale for 2022 or combine products into a gift basket and market it for the first week of May. You could even send a few of your products to an influencer and have them incorporate it in a DIY Mother’s Day gift! Hint: Make your post “shareable” so moms can send not-so-discreet hints to their partners for gift ideas.

Combine an offer with charitable giving

Not every mom is hoping for gifts on Mother’s Day and would rather see her purchase or day help someone else. Create an offer in which people can donate to a charity they believe in and receive a gift back, or direct part of proceeds to a charity helping mothers or women in the world.

Offer mom and me specials

Including children is another way to connect with mothers on Mother’s Day. Whether you’re offering a photography package, a spa experience or even mommy and me matching T-shirts, include a chance to connect with children in the offer. This makes mom feel special while also including the people that make her a special mother.

Tie in pet (or animal) moms

While Mother’s Day is obviously for the “human” moms out there, why not include dog moms (or any moms, for that matter)? More brands are including dog moms in their marketing, especially around Mother’s Day. Including furry friends is always a way to connect with more people who are looking to make the day special.

Partner with an influencer

Collab with an influencer to showcase how your product is a perfect Mother’s Day gift. You can search the Shake creator marketplace for moms who are ready to work with brands on their social media channels to promote lifestyle, fashion, beauty and other products. Need help? Check out this list of millennial moms you can work with today.


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