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Luxury influencers share their lifestyles and love for the finer things in life. These influencers serve as guides to the luxury sector by showing others what high-class brands and experiences are like. Whether you are a luxury brand or an interested consumer, these luxury lifestyle influencers are for you.

Luxury influencers living the good life

Tara Milk Tea

Known for her extravagant travels and designer clothes, Tara has one of the top luxury lifestyle Instagram accounts. The Australian native takes to Instagram to share her luxurious travels with more than 1.3M followers. The traveler and creative shares experiences from Tokyo to Bali and keeps her followers on their toes when it comes to where she will visit next.

Isabella Wong

Isabella loves all things luxury, fashion and beauty. Her TikTok has just over 39K followers who tag along for a look inside her luxury lifestyle. She shares her travels to places like Miami and adding in her LV bag to her outfits.  

Jeremy Austin

As one of the leading luxury travel content creators, Jermey shares his passion for the finer things in life with more than 1.6M followers. He fills his TikTok feed with exotic destinations and bucket-list-worthy hotels. His travels range everywhere from Ibiza to Anguilla to Greece.


This might be the longest pool in the Middle East! 💦🏊🏼‍♂️🏜️ #traveltok

♬ levitation - Aaron Hibell & Felsmann + Tiley

Lucy Jane

With 455K followers on TikTok, Lucy is another luxury influencer who shares beauty and lifestyle in London. She believes in manifestation and the law of attraction, so you’ll see her doing videos on that. Her videos are relaxing and beautiful, bringing luxury straight to you.

Gabrielle Caunesil Pozzoli 

Gabrielle is a famous public figure who takes to Instagram to share her luxurious lifestyle with more than 1.5M followers. As a creative director, founder and board member, Gabrielle stays busy and shows her high-end lifestyle to the world. Her Instagram feed is full of designer clothing, events and luxurious travel.

Andrea Vetrano

Andrea is a luxury content creator on TikTok with 281.5K followers. He shares luxury travel and hotels, cars and luxury life in Tokyo.


Mornings in Rome.. #rome

♬ pse - 🌊

Jason Oppenheim

As the leading man of “Selling Sunset,” Jason has become a popular figure not only because of his success in real estate but also because of his extravagant lifestyle. Jason shares his high-end travel experiences, expensive cars and what it is like to sell property in the luxury real estate business with his more than 1.5M Instagram followers.

Isobel Lorna

London luxury influencer Isobel believes your life mantra should be, “Life is short, buy the bag.” She has over 1.1M followers on TikTok, where she shares beautiful content about luxury bags, fashion and beauty.


This outfit check didn’t go to plan… 🐶 @PEPPERMAYO ad

♬ original sound - DOFLAMINGO

Emma Chamberlain

It’s no secret that Emma may be one of the most famous luxury lifestyle influencers on social media. With more than 15.2M followers on Instagram and 2M subscribers on YouTube, Emma has gained extreme popularity as she shares her exciting and high-end life with the world. As her social platforms have grown, she has worked with famous and luxury brands. Her feed is full of her living lavishly as she wears designer clothing, travels all over the world, and promotes her coffee brand.

Anna Bey

Anna has 1.82M subscribers on YouTube, where she helps women live their best, most authentic lives while teaching class and balance. She talks about manifestation and even some of the toxic sides of luxury.

Jocelyn Partee

Jocelyn is one of the top luxury lifestyle YouTubers. With more than 108K subscribers, Jocelyn joins the luxury lifestyle influencer community in a unique way as she shares her honest opinions of the best and worst designer brands and products. Her channel is full of hauls of luxury beauty, bags and shoes that will catch your interest.

Niki Sky

Niki has 506K subscribers on YouTube where she shares her luxury lifestyle and tips for women on how to live their best, most authentic lives. She’s also sharing the side of the luxury lifestyle and social media that doesn’t work for her anymore and why she got rid of a big chunk of her luxury items.

Lena Mahfouf

With more than 3.3M followers on TikTok, Lena takes to social media to share her exciting and extravagant lifestyle. Lena shows what it is like to work with famous designer brands. She uses her platform to display her unique style while dressing in high-end clothing. The French influencer is also extremely popular on Instagram and YouTube by showing her love for high-end fashion.


⏰💨 Une minute et trente secondes avant le tapis rouge. • dernières retouches • du body glow @Sol de Janeiro : on utilise la Brazilian bum bum cream pour lisser la peau • le cheirosa 62 pour parfumer cheveux et corps • un FaceTime avec maman • on attend l’ascenseur • ⁠on rencontre mes voisins de table •on respire un grand coup et c’est partiiiii 💨 collaboration commerciale

♬ son original - Lena Situations

Daiquan — idesign8

Daiquan is a lifestyle vlogger who shares the finer things in her life including beauty, fashion and home style. She has 202K subscribers on YouTube and loves sharing how she keeps herself healthy and happy, one of the most important parts of living a luxurious lifestyle. She even has a series about being in her thirties.

Erica de Lima

Erica is a luxury lifestyle TikToker with a passion for luxury fashion Lima shares her love for designer clothing with more than 548.3K followers, incorporating humor in her posts. Her feed shows her travels worldwide as she looks for the best luxury jewelry, bags, shoes and clothing.

Lydia Millen

With over 1M followers on all her platforms, Lydia is well-known for her love for luxury clothes, shoes, home style and everything in between. The fun thing about Lydia is that while she loves her luxury, beautiful products and home, she also loves walking in the mud with her dogs and gardening in her backyard.


I shall be Countess of Grantham one day. And in my book the Countess of Grantham lives at Downton Abbey. #downtonabbey #highclerecastle #englishcountryside @Highclere Castle

♬ Downton Abbey (Tv Version) "Did I Make the Most of Loving You?" - The Original Television Orchestra

Lorna Luxe

Lorna has one of the top luxury lifestyle Instagram accounts, as she “breathes it all in and luxes it all out.” With a following of more than 1.4M, Lorna uses her platform to share her passion for luxurious clothing, travel and experiences. She travels worldwide with designer brands, and her feed showcases all the latest high-end fashion trends.

Leonie Hanne

As one of the top luxury influencers on all social media platforms, Leonie loves all things luxurious. Leonie is popular for the extravagant couture outfits in her posts. She often fills her feed with posts at fashion shows. Her more than 1.7M followers seek her knowledge of designer fashion. Her wardrobe is elite and constantly keeps her followers entertained.


POV: You’re in Cannes for Cannes Film Festival 💅🏻✨🥂 #cannesfilmfestival

♬ original sound - Leonie Hanne

Alex — Supercar Blondie

Alex is one of the most unique luxury influencers on YouTube. Popular on many social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Alex uses her platforms to share her love for expensive and luxurious cars. Her YouTube channel features posts with celebrities as she travels around riding all of the most insane cars in the industry. Her channel provides a fun energy that keeps more than 19.3M subscribers entertained.

Erik Conover

Erik has earned his way to being one of the most popular luxury lifestyle YouTubers by showing more than 2.57M subscribers his passion for the luxury real estate industry. His channel is full of posts focusing on some of the most expensive properties in the world. From billion-dollar listings to high-end penthouses, Erik shares what living a luxurious lifestyle could be like.


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influencer marketing software Managed Services


Strategy and execution from the company that launched the industry.

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Managed Services offerings

influencer marketing software Managed Services


Strategy and execution from the company that launched the industry.

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Learn more about our Managed Services offerings


Strategy and execution from the company that launched the industry.

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Learn more about our Managed Services offerings