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Visiting a destination for the first time can be exciting and tricky. Between choosing from the seemingly endless hotel and rental options to finding food to eat and things to do, the entire venture can become overwhelming. Thanks to luxury travel influencers on Instagram, the process can become much simpler. Their beautiful photography coupled with reliable recommendations come in handy when planning that next luxurious vacation. The list below features luxury travel influencers you can work with, learn from, or live through vicariously.

Luxury travel influencers you can work with today

Grace Sabale 

For the ultimate guide on luxury resorts, spas, rentals, and restaurants, look to Grace, a journalist and luxury travel influencer. She combined her love of journalism with her passion for traveling, and cultivated a luxury travel blog titled Living With Grace. Through her platforms, she shares content from all her worldwide travels and even collabs with a CNN anchor and editor to spread her expertise.

Karlie Place 

Karlie’s Instagram has all the dreamy, adventure vibes. As a luxury travel influencer, photographer, and blogger, she shares gorgeously curated content from her various adventures. She captures stunning couple pictures featuring her boyfriend. She also shares behind-the-scenes footage and tips on her verified TikTok page. 

Julia Camacho

Julia is continuously on the hunt for good food and good times, which she shares on her Instagram. From delicious, new food and Instagram-worthy restaurants to luxury travel experiences, Julia shares her findings so that her audience can seamlessly follow in her footsteps.

Lisa-Gaye Shakespeare

Lisa is an influencer and content creator who not only posts luxury hotels and experiences but plans luxury group trips, too. Lisa mainly focuses on the more luxurious side of life, along with self-care. She also talks about her transition from being a die-hard solo traveler to a group-trip enthusiast. She’s been featured in Essence, Destination Aruba, and Melange Travel & Lifestyle Magazine. 

Kristin Wilson

If you’ve been considering the digital nomad life, then it could be beneficial to learn a thing or two from Kristin. She has a popular YouTube channel and podcast and has also become known as the “digital nomad queen.” She helps others become digital nomads as well. 

Brittany and Sam Jackson

Why wait? That’s the philosophy that Brittany and her husband, Sam, live by. Over the last two years, they decided that a solid balance between luxury and budget travel is ideal for them. In 2021, the couple visited 10 countries and five states they had never been to before, all while maintaining non-remote careers, which is quite impressive. For authentic, fun, and laid-back travel content, follow Brittany and Sam on Instagram.

Michael Satterfield

Michael, also known as the Gentlemen Racer, is well versed in all things men’s lifestyle, luxury travel, men’s fashion, cars, and watches. He’s worked with brands such as Sony, Harley-Davidson, and Bentley, and is the founder of the Gentlemen Racer platform.

Andre De Mello

This luxury travel content creator has a captivating TikTok and Instagram feed and has also worked as a director, photographer, videographer, and actor. His travel photography and videography skills have been entrusted by some of the world’s top brands, such as the Four Seasons, St. Regis.


Emily’s Instagram and travel blog features travel, lifestyle, and food. She created her own online travel business called, Travel with Emily, where she posts SEO-friendly blogs relating to food and travel. 

Arianna Wallace

In addition to enjoying the new mom life, Arianna can often be seen promoting products involving fashion, lifestyle, and family. On Instagram and TikTok, she showcases her life, including her travels and everyday moments.

Timo Kiviluoma

As the winner of the Lux Life 2020 Travel Influencer of the Year award, Timo shares his luxury travel adventures with his 14K Instagram followers and on his blog. Timo, who is from Finland, shares shots of his hotel stays on press trips, the unique things he sees, and lots more.

Mariane and Jenson

These two are in love, and not afraid to show the world. They share,their worldwide expeditions and even some humor on their Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube channel, named TravelDreamCouple. On their individual pages, they share their personal endeavors. Mariane is a professional model and Jenson is a well-known blogger

Josh Bender

“Inspiration for your next vacation” is the driving force behind Josh’s brand, according to his website. This travel blogger and photographer shares his travel expertise, which includes travel hacks, gear, destinations, and much more. He’s been traveling far and wide for some time and now works to encourage his audience to give it a try.

Hannah Walker

As a professional photographer, Hannah captures breathtaking images in exotic locations. She first started her commercial business, with a focus on high-end real estate and architecture. However, since then that has shifted, and she frequently visits and documents the most luxurious accommodations around the world.

Jess Wanders

Travel is the name of Jess’s game. She shares her enchanting vacations with her boyfriend often by her side and shows what she finds along the way, from hidden gems to popular landmarks. Aside from travel, she’s also passionate about mental health awareness, and sobriety.

Madison Murray

The dedication of this travel and lifestyle influencer is admirable. Madison enjoys traveling so much, that she became a private pilot in 2020. Ever since, she’s been seeing and traversing the world, by way of the several planes she can be seen flying on her Instagram

Paige Davison

Madison is based in Washington, D.C., but can oftentimes be spotted traveling. Aside from travel, she’s also passionate about skincare and makeup, and she is a photographer. She often shares her outfits on social.

Alexandra Pinheiro

For Alexandra, travel is life. Whether for a glamorous fashion shoot or a leisurely getaway, she can often be seen soaking up the vibes of the international wonders of the world. Whether on boats or planes, Alexandra stays on the move.


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