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Instagram is full of people searching for the next product or service they can’t pass up. However, for brands and marketers, making content visible can be a grueling task. That’s why it’s critical to stay updated with trending hashtags and know how to use them properly to stay on the algorithm’s good side. Hashtags can also be handy when trying to find Instagram influencers for your next campaign. 

25 top trending Instagram hashtags


For many, Instagram is all about positivity, spreading good vibes and building connections with other people. It’s not surprising that #love has remained a trending hashtag for several years. The #love hashtag has more than 2.1B posts. For a less competitive hashtag, consider #lovelysquares, #lovely or #lovelife. 


Professionals and regulars like to have a way of indicating their status and making sure the right people see them. Hence, they often use #igers, an abbreviation of “Instagrammers.” The #igers post is often used with a location, such as #igersparis. 


Audiences love content creators who post consistently, so many follow the people who use #instadaily to indicate daily uploads. This hashtag has more than 611M posts. A less-used alternative is #instadailypost, with more than 684K posts.


The Explore page displays content similar to the content the account interacts with most. They’re typically not from the following or followers list. Many use #explore to increase the chances of that picture or video being shown on the Explore page, which gives the potential for new followers and customers. #Explorepage is another option.


The #instagood tag originates from the @instagood account. Even though the account is no longer around, people still use #instagood to showcase their most notable images. This popular hashtag has more than 1.6B posts. A similar hashtag, #instagoodmyphoto, shows more than 7.6M posts.


It’s common for the most frequently used tags to begin “insta.” This example is a tag for photographs that represent a mood or emotion. As already mentioned, spreading positivity and enhancing that feel-good factor is a common aspect of Instagram usage, consistently placing tags associated with those concepts on the trending lists.


Most users on Instagram want to build an audience, and one way to achieve that is by offering to follow any account that follows them using the #followforfollow tag. Other variations of this tag include #followback, #followme, #followforfollow, and #follow. 


Tags offering to like content in exchange for receiving likes are another way Instagrammers try to build communities, with varying success. 


One of the aims of social media marketing is to make brands and creators feel more human and approachable. Many Instagram users are using the #me hashtag to show off their personalities. It has more than 450M posts.


Memes are popular on Instagram because they often promote a good laugh for those who see them. Sometimes memes inspire emotion, and they generate lots of engagement. The #memes hashtag shows more than 229M posts. 


Speaking of faces, the #selfie tag is always trending. There’s evidence to suggest that Instagram pictures with faces are 32 percent more likely to attract comments. Make sure you’re smiling: The #smile tag is also a regular in the trending lists.


Cats, dogs, babies, family gatherings: If it’s cute, there’s an audience on Instagram who will absolutely love it. 


Nostalgia is a great way to generate interest, make someone smile or play on fond memories, making the Throwback Thursday hashtag (#tbt) incredibly useful for marketers and a fun option for people who want to embarrass their siblings with an old photo.


If you want to make your natural talent stand out, it’s easy to let the world know your images are the real deal with the #nofilter tag. This tag is associated with professional photographers and models. #nofilterneeded is a similar option.


A social media platform dedicated to images is the perfect place for showcasing artwork, and naturally, a lot of users are searching the #art tag.


Anything that implies a feast for the eyes has the potential to draw gazes, so #beauty is regularly trending. Beauty influencers also use #beautytips, #beautyhacks, #beautyblog and similar hashtags.


With many people posting selfies and beauty shots, related tags such as #makeup are common. 


Tags relating to fashion are popular, and thousands of creators love to share their looks. Influencers use similar hashtags, like #fashionblogger, #fashioninspo and #fashioninfluencer.


Outfit of the Day is another option for fashionistas looking to make a style statement that inspires followers.


Let people get a snapshot of your real life. People living in the limelight often use #life alongside #me and #selfie tags.


If you’ve ever been in a restaurant and decided to snap your lunch, you’ll understand why #food is such a popular tag. #foodie, #foodstagram and #foodlover are similar options.


Fitness-related tags are popular, especially at the beginning of the year when people are making resolutions.


If you’re in the travel industry, you’ll want to use travel-related tags. Fortunately, Instagram users can’t get enough of beautiful sunsets and sunny beaches, making #travel a popular destination. #travelblogger, #travelgram, and #traveler are also popular.


Everybody wants to have a good time, so fun is always a popular search.


If you’re sharing content that isn’t yours, you should always ask permission, credit the original creator, and use the #repost tag.

Why and how to use trending Instagram hashtags?

There are billions of photographs and videos on Instagram, with users sharing an average of 1.3 billion images daily. Without hashtags, finding anything relevant to your interests and needs would be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Thanks to the ability to search for and follow interesting hashtags, it’s possible to sift through the massive database of pictures and videos and customize the user experience. This makes hashtags incredibly important to marketers because using trending Instagram hashtags is one great way to improve visibility and expand brand reach.

Trends change. The hottest hashtags one month aren’t always going to top the trending list the following month. Tags often reflect the mood of the moment, as everybody wants to get involved in current fads and events and use the tags that are most likely to gain visibility. If a major brand releases a new product, brand-related tags may start to gain some traction.

Despite this, some hashtags are perennial favorites and trend regularly. Using some of the most popular tags constantly is one surefire way to keep your content relevant and visible.

However, it’s important to remember that the most used hashtags are not always the most effective. A large number of people likely follow the hashtags with large numbers of posts, but it also means the tag is saturated with content, making it easy for your content to get lost. It’s recommended to use a combination of common and niche hashtags. 


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