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Instagram macro-influencers have a following anywhere from 200K to 500K, and provide specialized content tailored to their followers. With engaging photos and videos, plus exclusive posts for that audience, it’s easy to see why these influencers are gaining so much traction. Take a closer look at some of our top Instagram macro-influencers you can work with in The Creator Marketplace®.

Instagram macro-influencers you can work with today

Beau Brown

Known on Instagram as Big Beau Brown, this macro-influencer is a video creator that enjoys sharing humorous videos with his 355K followers. His Instagram handle was created because his height is 7’1, which is often the theme of his funny videos. In addition to sharing comical content about being tall, this videographer also enjoys sharing sweet posts about his family and wife.

Oma Belle

With more than 230K followers, Oma joins our list of top macro-influencers on Instagram. Oma is a mom of three and a home, beauty and interior decor enthusiast who loves sharing her ideas with her followers. Her goal is to inspire others.

Bryce Tueller and Family

Bryce joins our list of the top macro Instagram influencers in a sweet way. This influencer is known for sharing his family and faith with his 275K Instagram followers. The family is known for sharing their life experiences, traditions and traveling adventures. Bryce’s Instagram feed attracts an audience that is family- and fun-oriented.

Jess B — wordsofajay

With 304K followers on Instagram, Jess joins our list as she is one of the most popular traveling photographers and authors on the platform. Jess is a writer who pours her thoughts and experiences into her posts and often uploads poems with background photos from places she has explored. She uses her platform to show her followers her thoughts, secrets and old and new stories.

Holly Homer

Holly runs a kids’ activities blog. This mom of three boys joins our list by sharing fun and engaging activities that kids can participate in and parents can create at home easily. She is an author, coach and blogger.

Christian Perez —  Indigotohell

Christian is a beauty influencer in The Creator Marketplace. With 232K followers, Christian puts a fun and entertaining twist on makeup tutorials. The self-taught makeup influencer uses his platform to share looks he has created inspired by celebrities and famous movie characters.

Logan Weaver

Logan is a professional photographer based out of Denver and LA. He has previously worked with brands like BMW, X-Games and Rolex. His Instagram feed now consists of his favorite action shots of different locations and adventures.

Josh and Jeremy Salyers 

This macro-influencer Instagram account is one of the most unique and entertaining accounts on our list. The Salyers brothers are not only twins themselves but are also married to another set of twins. The family is known for sharing family-friendly content that appeals to all their 232K followers and potential brands. In addition to their Instagram platform, the twins also successfully run a vacation rental company. They encourage all their followers to keep up with their “twinsane life.”

Johnny Valentine

Known for his participation on the Our Boring Life YouTube channel, Johnny is also one of our most popular Instagram influencers. Johnny’s Instagram feed is full of pictures that show his life experiences and photos of him modeling. He enjoys sharing his adventures with his 389K followers and encourages them to keep up with him on YouTube and TikTok.

Natalie Levin

With 389K followers, Natalie is among the most popular Instagram macro-influencers. She is a nursing student that resides in California and enjoys uploading content about her travels, fashion and beauty favorites. Natalie’s content attracts an audience that enjoys all things girly and exciting traveling experiences.


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