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Brands must make diversity in influencer marketing a priority. It’s not only the right thing to do, but customers demand it.

According to Insider Intelligence, “consumers want to invest in companies that invest in DEI initiatives and are transparent about their success or failure.”

Why is inclusive marketing important?

Inclusiveness applies to any identifications, including race, gender, sexual orientation and people with disabilities. 

The value of authenticity and diversity in campaigns can’t be overstated. In a 2022 Facebook study, 33% of U.S. Facebook users said they purchase more products and services after seeing content posted by creators with more diverse backgrounds.

“In many instances, these social communities feel a sense of belonging with the creators who celebrate their shared identities, not only through their content but with the brands they choose to partner with and promote,” the Facebook report said.

Efforts to be inclusive should be genuine.

In its “DEI in the Creator’s Market” report, Deloitte said brands should be inclusive in their digital marketing if they want to “enhance the social shopping experience for both diverse creators and customers.” To reach communities that have been historically excluded and build trust and connection, brands should partner with creators of diverse backgrounds who can authentically speak to these communities.

“Brands have a responsibility to forge diverse partnerships, cultivate transparency, and promote equitable treatment,” Deloitte said in its report.

It’s not up to one brand or company to do the work to increase inclusion and diversity in influencer marketing. It’s a collective effort. 

This is why IZEA works to push the industry toward equal pay and representation. 

We’ve published The State of Influencer Equality® report every year since 2020 to keep ourselves and our customers accountable and aware of trends in the influencer ecosystem. Our State of Influencer Earnings™ report helps push toward reasonable pay for creators working on various platforms.

Stay tuned for our updated reports for 2023.


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