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The State of Influencer Equality®

2022 Report

We’ve published The State of Influencer Equality report every year since 2020 to keep ourselves and our customers accountable and aware of trends in the influencer ecosystem. Our aim is to push the greater influencer marketing industry toward equal pay and representation. 

This data comes straight from our own marketplace transactions and represents over $60 million in payments to influencers across social media platforms over the past seven years.


  • Over the past four years, persons of color have commanded a premium over their white counterparts, with Asian Americans making an average of 37% more per post than white Americans in 2021.
  • Females continue to dominate the influencer marketing with 83% of all transaction volume in 2021, but their share of deal flow is at its lowest level since our reporting began in 2015.
  • Influencers over the age of 65 now command the highest premium of all age groups, earning 3x more per post vs. those aged 45 to 54 year.
  • Sponsorship deal flow for racial minorities grew to an all-time high in 2021. And for the first time, the percent of deal flow to white influencers (57%) has slipped below their share of the U.S. population (58%).
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