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The State of Influencer Earnings™

2022 Report

We dig into our latest influencer earnings data to help keep marketers and creators aware of trends within IZEA’s ecosystem of agencies, brands, and influencers. Our first State of Influencer Earnings report also helps push toward reasonable pay for creators working on various platforms, helps creators understand the value they provide to brands, and shows creators how to price themselves to remain competitive.

This data comes straight from our own marketplace transactions and represents over $60 million in payments to influencers across social media platforms over the past seven years.


  • Marketers are paying up for content. In 2021, creators big and small saw larger average payments as brands invested even more in influencer marketing.
  • Video leads the way. In 2021, TikTok posts and YouTube videos earned more than 2 to 4 times the average payment on almost all other platforms.
  • Instagram Stories and YouTube videos make a great team. This pairing was the most financially rewarding content combo last year, earning 2.4 times more revenue than the second highest-earning combination, Instagram Stories and TikTok posts.
  • Are web celebs taking a dip? Celebrities with 1 million or more followers saw their average pay per post slump from 2020’s record $7,753 average to $6,486.
The State of Influencer Earnings