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The three main times you may think about a human resources department are probably when you’re looking for a job, leaving a job or you have a complaint about a job, but HR is so much more than that. So why not take that HR knowledge to social media? Finding human resources influencers online is easier than you might think. There are HR influencers on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok ready to teach others how to write a resume, get their dream job or fix their problems at work. For brands, HR influencers can help promote B2B products and services.

14 HR influencers sharing their expertise

Raquel Toussaint

Sharing digestible career advice and HR tips is the main purpose of Raquel’s TikTok. With just over 43K followers, Raquel helps people find internships, answer tricky interview questions and even how to negotiate a raise

Steve Boese

Steve is a well-known HR influencer on Twitter and HR professional. He’s the HR Technology Conference co-chair, co-host of the HR Happy Hour podcast and columnist for HR Executive Magazine. Steve has over 48K followers on Twitter, and if you’re looking for HR influencers on LinkedIn, he also has almost 18K followers. On Twitter, he shares human resources information, including unemployment benefits, retweets of his favorite HR news sites and guests on his podcast.

The HR Queen

Jha’nee is the creator behind The HR Queen on Instagram. She has 134K people following along to learn more about the importance of HR, harassment in the workplace and even some of the reasons why employees are quitting in such high numbers these days. If you’re looking for HR Instagram accounts, follow along with The HR Queen.

Hanner, the HR Lady

HR doesn’t always have to be serious, so Hanner started an HR satire account on TikTok, where she incorporates all of TikTok’s trends with an HR twist. If you’re looking for a fun laugh and some of the ins and outs of HR, then this is the account for you.

Gautam Ghosh

Another HR influencer on LinkedIn is Gautam, a digital HR and branding expert. Gautam has grown his LinkedIn following to over 33K with his posts and re-shares. He’s also involved in the HR space, sharing and liking other influencers’ and friends’ posts that align with his audience.

Employee Resignation HR Influencers

Recruit Scootin’ Boogie

One of the biggest parts of human resources is the recruiting and sourcing side. The creator behind Recruit Scootin’ Boogie on TikTok has grown her platform to almost 9K with her satirical content. If you’re a recruiter looking to drown your sorrows or laugh at the things you deal with on the daily, follow along with Recruit Scootin’ Boogie.

Sharlyn Lauby

Sharlyn, the author of HR Bartender, is an HR influencer on Twitter. Sharlyn is also a management and leadership consultant, and her tweets are focused on just that. She shares articles about HR, small-business tips and other resources that would be helpful to another HR professional. 

Ella B

Ella on TikTok is an Aussie HR expert who is sharing career tips and workplace humor with over 14K followers. 

Suzanne Lucas

Suzanne, or the Real Evil HR Lady as she calls herself, is another HR influencer on Twitter who focuses her content on resumes, webinars, workshops and career coaching. She has almost 29K followers, and her feed is filled with helpful articles from her blog, new job openings she thinks would be interesting, and so much more.

Nikki Jazz

Another recruiter that’s hopped on TikTok to share her HR thoughts is Nikki. Nikki has over 28K followers and has hundreds of videos about life as a recruiter, some satirical and some not. She’s worked with brands on paid partnerships, shares her life as a working mom and shows her recruiting journey.

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Meghan Biro

Meghan is the founder and CEO of TalentCulture, a podcast series and Twitter chat. You can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn, with over 174K followers between the two platforms. She shares upcoming HR and employee trends, and she’s constantly retweeting important findings from other HR experts.

Your HR Bestie

Oceanonnia is the content creator behind Your HR Bestie on TikTok, an HR employee and a virtual assistant. She has more than five years of experience in human resources and has been sharing that talent, as well as being a mom, with her 22K followers. Oceanonnia is also advocating to create safer spaces for all employees in the workplace.


Dee, or the HR Latina, has almost 14K followers on TikTok, where she’s looking to inspire those in the HR space. Dee works in the payroll space of human resources and shares an inside look into that in her videos.

@deelatinaxo Unless you want an inaccurate paycheck let me be on DND! 😅 #payrolllife #latina #workhumor ♬ original sound - Father Doug

People & Culture Collective

With over 83K followers on TikTok, People & Culture Collective is a platform dedicated to those working in human resources. Veronica shares funny and helpful videos that other HR professionals can connect with and enjoy. 

If you want to work with a human resources professional and influencer on your next promotion, we hope these 14 influencers were a great start to your search. Check out The Creator Marketplace® for more niche influencers.


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