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Have you ever found yourself scrolling through social media, admiring the stunning DIY projects others have created and thinking to yourself, “I wish I could do that”? You, too, can become a DIY or crafting influencer. DIY influencers share tutorials, home improvement projects, tools, material recommendations, and useful advice. Here’s how to start your DIY creator journey.

How to become a DIY influencer

Acquire skills and master techniques

Consider your skills, interests and creativity to determine the kind of content you want to create. Will you focus on Cricut or Silhouette machine crafts? Will you give old furniture new life? Will you provide creative homemade gift ideas?  Then experience with content formats to find your footing. You could focus on short-form tutorials or longer-form vlogs about your DIY projects or process or simply share photos on a blog or Instagram. Find what works for you.

If you plan to position yourself as an expert in crafting, take this time to master the craft as well. Improve your skills, whether that’s painting, staining, crocheting, etc. You could also take the angle of crafting newbie learning how to create unique projects while sharing the process with others on social media.

Build your brand 

Find what sets you apart from other DIY influencers and how you plan to build up your brand. Will you have a signature style of crafting? WIll you provide hilarious voiceover commentary over videos of your projects? Add something unique to your content.

Choose the platform that will best fit the type of content you wish to share and aim to build this platform up first before expanding across other platforms and outlets. 

Create content that resonates with your audience

Consider what will appeal to your audiences the most and what you can do through your content to keep them engaged. Leverage SEO tools to figure out what DIY enthusiasts are searching for to generate content ideas that speak to them. 

Prioritize the people you wish to entertain and educate through your content. For example, if your goal as an influencer is to educate moms and families on how to better their homes, you will want to focus on creating tutorials, vlogs and posts related to home decor.

Promote your DIY projects

Share your work on social media, especially platforms like Pinterest, where many people go to search for DIY project ideas. You can use a DIY craft-focused Instagram or TikTok account to share your latest creations as well.

Brittany Jepsen does a great job of this as she uses her platform to showcase the DIY work she has done in her own home.

Leverage your network

Collaborate and form friendships with fellow DIY or crafting creators. Take turns featuring each other’s projects or work on a project together and post the content on both your channels. However you choose to do it, leveraging your network is a great way to grow as an influencer. 

Seek potential collaborations

When you’re ready, look for ways to connect with brands. You don’t have to wait until you have thousands of followers to work with brands. Nano- and micro-influencers are highly sought after by brands who are looking to work with creators who have engaged audiences. 

Continue to grow your following

As you work on the previous steps, keep trying to grow your audience. Here are some factors that help your social media growth.

    1.  Engage with your audience

By engaging with your audience, you show them you care about them. Engaging with your audiences comes in many forms, whether that be hosting live-stream content, sharing giveaways, or encouraging them to comment and reshare your posts. 

    2.  Participate in related trends and events

Participating in DIY trends, attending DIY events, and teaming up with other influencers can help you grow your brand and community. Sharing your favorite brands and engage with them on social media.

Sam Ushiro showcases her work as a DIY influencer and shares her favorite brands that make her projects easier.

Example of a DIY influencer

DIY influencers strive to help others get creative in many ways, whether that be room makeover tutorials or making creative home decor. 

Ashley Basnight is an example of a DIY influencer who uses her Instagram to capture her latest home improvement projects.


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Find your next great collab.

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Find your next great collab.

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Find your next great collab.

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