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Although this list offers 10 talented DIY experts, you’ll find many more as you browse Instagram. So, if you’re hoping to collaborate with an influencer to promote your brand, you’ll need to know how to narrow down your options.

What’s the influencer’s aesthetic?

Some DIY influencers have a cute and bubbly aesthetic that comes across in every photo they take. Others have a more down-to-earth look or even a minimalistic style. Collaborate with someone whose aesthetic fits in well with your brand’s image.

Consider browsing through their written posts to ensure their voice matches your brand personality as well. Do you want to work with someone who has a straightforward communication style? Or a more upbeat and playful tone?  

What does the influencer make? 

The items that a DIY influencer makes should somehow relate to what your brand offers. A wedding planning brand could form a partnership with an influencer who makes wedding or reception decor. 

You can also consider the materials and tools the influencer works with. Do they overlap with what your brand offers?

What are the influencer’s values?

Partner with an influencer who champions the same causes or holds the same values as your brand. If your brand is eco-friendly, a DIY influencer who specializes in upcycling would make an ideal partner. If your brand puts emphasis on family, influencers who offer kid-friendly activities are best. 

How popular is the influencer?

The most popular influencers have incredible reach, so they can promote your brand to a wide audience. However, less known influencers can bring a more personal touch, and they tend to have more audience engagement.

For your DIY product or home goods brand, influencers like these can help increase brand awareness and spur interest in your product line.

Top 10 DIY Influencers on Instagram

  1. Ashley Basnight
  2. Rachel Mae Smith
  3. Kara Whitten
  4. Elsie Larson & Emma Chapman
  5. Renee Day
  6. Brittany Watson Jepsen
  7. Erica Domesek
  8. Ben Uyeda
  9. Sam Ushiro
  10. Mimi G Ford

Ashley Basnight is a woodworker who runs the Handmade Haven blog. She’s been interested in DIY projects since she was a child, and now she uses her skills to break stereotypes and empower women. The Oklahoma-based influencer uses Instagram to show off her projects, which range from DIY desks and shoe cabinets to clocks and leather headboards.

While she’s popular online, Basnight has enjoyed a bit of television fame as well. In 2019, she appeared on “Making It,” an NBC reality show.

Anyone who wants to incorporate bright colors into their DIY projects should look to Rachel Mae Smith for inspiration. The New York City-based influencer is the blogger behind The Crafted Life, a site that offers tutorials on everything from tinsel ornaments to confetti shoes. Her Instagram account has a photo collection of impressive crafts and colorful scenes. Smith is also the author of the 2018 book, “Hello Color: 25 Bright Ideas for DIY Decor.”

rachel mae smith DIY Influencer

Like Smith, this influencer also infuses her projects with an array of bright, energetic colors. Kara Whitten is a Texas-based DIY influencer who launched the Kailo Chic brand in 2005. The brand offers home and party decor, including garlands, wrapping paper and dessert toppers. On social media, Whitten shares DIY tutorials on how to make similar decorations for your next party. You can find more tutorials on her blog, A Kailo Chic Life.

kara whitten diy influencer

Sisters Elsie Laron and Emma Chapman co-own the lifestyle company A Beautiful Mess. The brand offers a mix of decor, recipe and style suggestions. You’ll also find crafts that revolve around sewing, jewelry, plants and photo books. You can see plenty of examples of Larson and Chapman’s handiwork on the company’s Instagram account. However, the sisters each have their own accounts as well, which offer glimpses into their personal lives and separate projects.


The next influencer is a California native who sees lots of potential in simple supplies like acrylic paint, colored pencils and gel pens. Renee Day is the woman behind thediyday, a site for art lovers and DIY enthusiasts. She shares tutorials for projects like personalized calendars and holiday cards. Day is also the author of “Creative Journaling,” which gives readers insights into more than 100 artistic techniques.


Interior designer Brittany Watson Jepsen has gained a large following by sharing ideas on her blog, The House that Lars Built. Many of her decor projects can beautify your home with a colorful and seasonal aesthetic. However, her posts don’t just focus on interior design. She also has some fashion ideas for readers to try out.

Erica Domesek founded P.S.- I Made This…, a brand and website that focuses on DIY food, beauty and fashion projects. Many of the recipes she offers have a seasonal twist, and they’re always creative and colorful. Creations like her s’mores casserole and marshmallow macarons are unique ways to entertain guests and delight children. She also uses social media to show off her fashion and decor ingenuity.

Domesek is the author of two books: “P.S. – I Made This…” and “P.S.- You’re Invited…” This DIY influencer has also made appearances on shows like “Rachael Ray” and “The Martha Stewart Show” and featured in publications like Elle, Glamour and Vogue.

If you’re on the hunt for DIY furniture ideas, Ben Uyeda has plenty of creative suggestions. He’s the founder of HomeMade Modern, a brand that specializes in durable yet sustainable furniture. Uyeda offers DIY tutorials for projects like copper benches, loft beds, decks with LED lights and concrete chairs. You’ll even find content on how to build a shipping container house. For more ideas from Uyeda, his followers can look for his 2015 book, “HomeMade Modern: Smart DIY Designs for a Stylish Home.”


Sam Ushiro is an industrial designer and self-proclaimed donut aficionado. Her lifestyle blog, Aww Sam, offers DIY content for fashion, home and party decor, baked goods and gifts. Whether she’s making a flamingo cake, gingerbread presents or an emoji-themed purse, her creations are as playful as they are colorful. She also posts plenty of images of her in weird and wacky costumes that might inspire designers.

Mimi G Ford uses social media to offer sewing and fashion tutorials to anyone with a DIY mindset. Although most of her content involves clothing design and creation, you can also find a bit of fitness content in the mix. Ford has partnered with over 300 brands, including Google, The Home Depot and Target, and she reaches an international audience.

Mimi G Ford-diy-influencer

You don’t have to conduct your search for influencers alone. Platforms like IZEAx Discovery help make the influencer discovery process easy.