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Interacting with your current or potential audience should be a part of your brand’s strategy for TikTok. Finding a way to authentically comment on people’s TikTok videos is noticeable and makes creators feel more connected to the brands they’re mentioning.

So how can brands comment on TikTok authentically and make sure that the time they’re spending is worth it? Coming up with a strategy around TikTok outside of just making your own fun videos for your brand is important — especially really connecting with your audience.

How to engage on TikTok as a brand

Search hashtags connected with your brand or product

A great way to find out if your brand is being mentioned is to search for your brand’s name or hashtag to see if people are using it in their videos. You can also search related hashtags to step in on conversations where your brand could be. Here’s an example where an influencer on TikTok tagged the two brands of makeup that she’s using. Those brands could easily search or see that they’re tagged and leave a fun comment about how great her under eyes look.

If you’re a new brand or a competitor with an amazing concealer, this is a perfect time to jump in down in the comments with a tip on flawless under eyes or a funny statement to catch the attention of the influencer and/or their followers. The more you do this, the more chances to be seen! But please, don’t be one of those brands that says the same thing to each person. Take a few seconds to watch their video and make a personal comment directly to them like Revlon did in this video.

Be consistent with your brand’s voice (or create a new one if you don’t have one yet)

Your brand’s voice is “your brand’s personality; the unique way you present to the world.” The way you present your brand should be consistent across all platforms. Maybe you want to let your brand have a comedic, sassy tone like Wendy’s on Twitter or maybe you’d prefer to be more serious. Either way, choose a brand voice, stick with it, but feel free to let some personality and care show in your comments.

Moderate your own comments with authenticity 

Moderating and responding to your comments on your own brand’s TikTok should continue to use your own voice. For example, Wendy’s likes to comment back to a few people when they post with funny or quick responses. This is important for both good and bad comments. Making sure someone is moderating your comments is important in case you have a customer with a question or problem where you can quickly address them in the comments or take the conversation offline to help them out. Either way, showing that you’re listening to your audience and wanting to connect with them is the best way to keep them coming back for more (both your products and your TikTok).


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See how other brands are using comments in their own TikTok strategies 

If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at what other brands are doing. We’ve shared a few good examples of brands doing TikTok comments the right way, so take a few minutes to see what other brands in your niche are doing and then make your own strategy. Maybe you like the quirky sass of Wendy’s or you prefer to keep things light and professional like Revlon. Either way, decide what works best for your brand and stick to it with how you engage on TikTok.

Whether you’re an established brand or a new brand trying to use TikTok and social media to grow, connecting with your audience in the comments should be a focus of your strategy. The more you connect and take the time to get to know who is talking about you, the more you can grow your brand. Authenticity shows and people pick up on that, even when scrolling through TikTok.


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