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Coming up with unique content on a regular basis can be a challenge for even the most creative influencers on TikTok. One idea that’s proved to delight followers is the Duet; building on another creator’s TikTok video — or even one of your own — by recording your own video alongside the original clip as it plays. Duets have even caused videos to go viral.

How Duets Work

The Duet feature allows users to cover or join other users’ songs, provide reactions or commentary to the original video, or layer interactive videos on-screen (e.g., adding different users’ torsos, arms, and legs to the original poster’s head). 

Formats range from left and right layouts, top and bottom layouts, and three-screen layouts. The original TikTok user must have Duets enabled. Users can choose to allow anyone to duet their videos or only friends (meaning accounts that follow each other) and duets can only be recorded within the app. You can’t duet a prerecorded video.

Because the new video attributes the original creator and includes a link to the original video in the video’s caption, Duets provide exposure for both TikTok influencers

Top Duets on TikTok

Curious about some of the most-watched duets on TikTok? Check out some of these fan favorites to get you brainstorming:

Ideas and examples

Interested in trying your hand at a TikTok Duet? Check out these ideas, complete with examples to demonstrate how the function works.

You can also search for “duet” to find instrumental or vocals to duet.

Singing Duets

By far the most popular type of duet, singing duets can include two singers to layered videos of harmony. Some singers will post themselves singing the melody, share the lyrics in different colors, and tag their videos with “duet me” to encourage others to join in. 

Others will sing the harmony and encourage others to sing the melody. Not every singing duet involves two singers; check out this creative duet with a thumping piece of machinery.

Dancing Duets

If you can’t carry a tune but you’ve got a sense of rhythm, consider a dance duet by searching TikTok for “#dancechallenge” or “#danceduet.” Whether you’re looking for ballet, hip-hop and rap, or line dancing, there’s something for every taste. 

Behind-the-scenes Duet

Don’t feel your singing or dancing skills are up to par? A fun but simple way to duet on TikTok is to take on the role of the cameraperson for an existing video or as the model for an existing photographer who has primed the pump for duets.


#duet with @brandus25 Tired of Dylan. #foryou #fyp

♬ Brandus25 - Brandi

Role-playing Duet

Lip-syncing is a popular trend among TikTok duets, as is point-of-view (POV) role playing. You can create your own video with an invitation to use it in a duet, tack onto an existing video to create a new POV duet, or even create a POV duet with yourself.


#pov a group of celebrities make their way into a club and the one in front claims the rest of us as his “entourage” #duet with @vhackerr

♬ #situashion - AnotherZach

Reaction or narration Videos

Narration duets capitalize on existing videos that could benefit from some explaining from a secondary observer. If you’re got expertise in a particular area and can provide reactions to other videos in your industry, take a cue from duets that highlight everything from unique hairstyles and runway fashion to cooking fails and even hilarious duets spun from original bloopers


#duet with @whiterthanwhit23 I am so sorry but I absolutely cannot and will not eat anything from this household! #KalenReacts #foodreactions

♬ original sound - Sarah

Celebrity Duets

Even celebrities have jumped on the duet train, posting videos with a call-out for followers to join them either for fun or in hopes of promoting themselves, a brand or a product. Celebrities’ videos make for high-profile, entertaining, and/or funny duets

Some celebrities, like John Legend, have opened up the floor for duets by leaving openings in their videos for a second singer to sing along. Others, like actor Nick Kroll, practically dare their followers to duet videos. 


If you’re lucky enough to garner a reaction video from a celebrity—as this musician got from John Mayer or these DJs earned from Lizzo—count yourself among the lucky few!


#duet with @johnlegendofficial sorry can you imagine he actually seen this 😫 you would have to pick me up from the floor #allofme #johnlegendduet

♬ original sound - John Legend

Alright, now it’s time for action. With this handy guide, you can create your first TikTok duet or use the ideas to try a different kind. Happy dueting!


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