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During the holidays, every brand is vying for customers’ attention. To stand out in a crowd, try working with an influencer this season. Collaborations can mimic the campaigns that you do throughout the year, like asking an influencer to endorse a product or share a product demo. Or, if you’re looking to try something out of the ordinary, consider one of these unique holiday influencer campaigns that you likely haven’t tried yet: 

Holiday influencer campaign ideas

Influencer advent calendar

Advent calendars have grown in popularity. These festive treat-filled countdowns usually begin on December 1 and stretch through Christmas. Consider adapting the idea to an influencer campaign. How would it work? Ask an influencer to share content each day. Each post serves as a digital treat for viewers. 

Maybe the influencer reveals a new deal daily, demonstrates products that could make ideal gifts, or does a giveaway.  

Pitch the idea to an influencer that you’ve worked with in the past and brainstorm ideas. These campaigns often fare the best when collaboration is at the forefront. 

Here’s an example of a featured product shared as part of a holiday countdown:


Team up with an influencer to create a new product or a new design of an existing product.

More prominent brands like Adidas and Louis Vuitton, for example, have teamed up with celebrities to create signature products. Both the celebrity and the brand tout the product.

You can do something similar, even if you’re a smaller brand with a tighter budget. You could work with a lesser-known influencer to tweak a current product or create something new.

British makeup influencer Hannah Martin worked with a cosmetic company to create blushers and promoted them on Insta:

Think of something you can co-create with an influencer and promote it as a holiday gift. 

DIY holiday decor

Some people keep their holiday decor light and minimalist, while others go all out. Either way, many people deck their halls for the holiday, so why not give your target audience some ideas?

You could collaborate with craft influencers or Etsy store owners to turn your products into a fun holiday decoration. For brands that fit into the decor niche, it’s an easy win. A floral shop could ask a crafty influencer to assemble a holiday centerpiece using fresh-cut flowers, or a furniture company could ask an influencer to create a festive tablescape on their handmade oak table. 

But other brands can get in on the fun, too. Take a look at the post below. An influencer created a holiday ornament using nail polish. It could be a unique influencer campaign run by a cosmetic company. 

Think of ways to use one of your products, even if it’s the product’s empty container, into a holiday decoration.

Create a Christmas bucket list

Help your followers get the most out of the season by creating a holiday bucket list with an influencer. Adapt the list to fit your brand. 

A travel company and influencer could create a bucket list of places to visit during the holiday season. A mom-and-pop coffee shop could team up with other main street businesses to create a bucket list of local experiences to enjoy, including, of course, stopping by the coffee shop for their signature cup of hot cocoa. 

The bucket list could focus on foods to try, events to sign up for, or even charities to support. 

Once you have your bucket list items, think about how you’ll present them. Will the influencer make and share a graphic? Should the influencer complete the bucket list and share their daily experiences? 

Or, you could shake things up and work with an artistic influencer to create something like this: 

Tips to ensure your holiday campaign runs smoothly

  • Decide on the campaign’s goal and KPIs that you’ll track to gauge success.
  • Find an influencer who shares your target audience and your brand’s values.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to collaborate and plan the campaign.
  • Evaluate influencer compensation. 
  • Have an influencer contract signed before any work is completed.
  • Communicate clearly and often with influencers.
  • Make sure both the influencer and your brand monitor comments.
  • Share the post on your brand’s social channels. 
  • Review your metrics and make notes for adjustments on the next campaign.  

Influencer campaigns are a great way to reach customers during the holiday season. Authentic endorsements are often more appealing to customers, so influencers should complement your holiday marketing tactics this year. 


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