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The gluten-free way of life is increasing in popularity as more people are diagnosed with gut issues and celiac disease. While “Gluten-Free What I Eat in a Day” videos are more and more popular (especially with the keto craze) there aren’t many YouTube channels dedicated only to gluten-free food and lifestyle. As video continues to grow, more Instagram influencers and bloggers are moving over to YouTube and TikTok to share their recipes in video form. Since the gluten-free community on YouTube is still in its growth stage, it’s the perfect time to work with some gluten-free influencers.

Top gluten-free influencers on YouTube

Sarah Howells – The Gluten Free Blogger

Sarah of the Gluten Free Blogger inspires the gluten-free community. She tells her 128K Instagram followers which new gluten-free products are worth buying and shares celiac tips for anyone still learning to live a fully gluten-free lifestyle. Her YouTube channel contains reviews, recipes and videos of what she eats daily.

Robyn —  Robyn’s Gluten-Free Living

Robyn went from being a passionate “gluten eater” to eliminating it from her diet. She was diagnosed with celiac disease, a story she shares on her channel. Viewers can find gluten-free recipes, discussions about her healthy lifestyle, and more gluten-free content.

Selma — fitfoodieselma

Selma shares gluten-free versions of healthy eats and tasty treats for her community of 647K subscribers. Her channel features a variety of “what I eat in a week” posts with creative high-protein and gluten-free meal preps.

Dana Shultz — Minimalist Baker

Dana is the creative mind behind the gluten-free focused recipe platform Minimalist Baker, which 168K subscribers and 2M Instagram followers. The channel features recipes like delicious gluten-free bagels and healthy sweet treat ideas. While the channel hasn’t been updated much lately, Dana posts regularly on Instagram.

Phil — Phil Hates Gluten

In 2018 Phil was diagnosed with Eosinophilic esophagitis, and since then has strived to find and share delicious gluten-free recipes that help alleviate his symptoms. His channel features gluten-free recipes and his experiences eating gluten-free food at fast-food establishments.

Frida — glutenfreevegans

Frida is a plant-based eater who enjoys sharing gluten-free and vegan-friendly recipes to inspire others to include healthier options in their diets. Frida’s recipes show how you can eat gluten-free and enjoy tasty food. Make sure to check out her “what I eat” vlogs that share a full day of meals.

Lindsay Cotter — Cotter Crunch

Lindsay is a nutrition specialist with a primary focus on gluten-free eating. She shares nourishing and allergy-friendly recipes that anyone can enjoy. 

Jules Shepard

Jules takes to YouTube to share her passion for clean eating and conversations with gluten-free people. Jules shares reviews on cooking devices, tastings, and gluten-free weddings.

Mayra — Low Carb Love

As a self-taught cook and baker, Mayra creates healthy recipes. She has gained over 1.17M subscribers by sharing the recipes that led her to lose 135 pounds. She also posts plenty of tasty treats. Make sure to also check out her gluten-free grocery store suggestions.

Tanya Ann

Tanya educates her 15.4K subscribers about healthy and anti-inflammatory meals. Her gluten-free and dairy-free recipes include everything from chocolate peppermint truffles to tons of veggie-packed dinners.

Nicole Boni — Gentle Tummy

With a creative YouTube handle and a channel full of mouthwatering recipe inspiration, Nicole shares healthy and gluten-free meals. She stays up to date on trendy meals like Caesar salad chicken crust pizza and even shares gluten-free creations of her own.


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