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Accepting yourself and developing an authentic sense of self-love isn’t always easy in a society that sometimes holds rigid standards of beauty, femininity, and masculinity. But these social-media influencers are paving the way for others to find peace and self-confidence with their body-positive posts. These body-positive influencers share videos, images, and messages that serve as public reminders that our differences are to be celebrated.

10 body-positive influencers who inspire their followers to love themselves as they are

Followers of these accounts find role models for self-love and inclusivity.

Sassy Confetti

Alex, a Chicago influencer, has a radiant personality that matches her Instagram name. Her nearly 26K followers know her as the “body positive bed wine queen” who loves to sip on a glass of wine while watching Hallmark movies. By sharing what she does around the city, delicious meals she eats, and plus-size fashion, she aims to show others how to love their body and find the confidence to do the things they want to do while wearing what they like. She even launched a small business that sells size-inclusive clothes, among other items. Catch this Shake influencer on the podcast “Swipe Fat,” on which she and her co-host share tales of dating while being plus-size.

Lydia Holley

With a fourth child on the way, working mom Lydia still manages to fight stress and express herself authentically through playful dance videos and reminding her 81.6K TikTok followers that there’s no certain way a mom has to dress. This Shake influencer encourages parents to buy their sons baby dolls and toy kitchen sets if they’re interested to “help make them better humans.” Fans also liked her inspiring compilation of compliments to herself.

Tash Soodeen

Tash has been described as a “body positivity advocate” and the gorgeous model certainly looks confident in anything from bathing suits to dresses. This Shake influencer posts videos with messages like, “real bodies, real strength and real happiness” and “gained a little healthy holiday weight but I’m so happy here.” Tash’s 103K TikTok followers delight in her self-confidence and seeing that sexy comes in all shapes and sizes

David Fadd

Featured on the BBC’s “Who You Calling Fat?,” David is a “plus-size model” and “body-positive man.” He’s appeared in a variety of ad campaigns, including a “Not Your Sample Size” poster series for the Love The Journey campaign. This Shake influencer has been interviewed about the role of plus-size men in fashion and thinks it’s a welcome trend.

Brittany Woodard

Body-positive nutritionist Brittany is anti-diet. She posts about diet culture lies, disordered eating, and fat phobia, among other topics. Brittany’s body-positive affirmations and tips on doing activities to find body confidence and food freedom are refreshing, insightful, and empowering. As a mother of two, she also knows the importance of talking about postpartum mental health.

Ash Soto

At age 12, Ash was diagnosed with vitiligo, which causes pigment loss in blotches. After being bullied as a child at a public pool, she took ownership of her condition by modeling and outlining the patches on her skin in marker to create art. Although she says she’s still sometimes intimidated to wear a bathing suit, she posts photos of herself in bikinis to empower and inspire herself and her 158K TikTok followers. Ash has “SHE IS ART” tattooed on her neck to remind herself that her skin is “no longer a burden but a blessing.” 

Alex Beazley

A curve model for midsize fashion, Alex encourages her followers to find clothes that fit their body comfortably, rather than trying to squeeze into clothes that could be donated to good causes. She says that appearing in a bikini in a magazine helped her feel like she was making a difference in the word by being her authentic self. Alex works with brands that are body positive and supports brands that are local, woman-owned, and/or black-owned.

Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn, who is a writer and yoga instructor, believes that yoga gives women the potential to embrace her strength — no matter what her size. Her books, “Yoke: My Yoga of Self-Acceptance” and “Everybody Yoga” are about loving your body. Jessamyn’s 469K Instagram followers are proud that she was named to “Out” magazine’s 18 LGBTQ+ policy makers and advocates changing the world.

Zach Miko

Boosted by his role as a paid model, Zach is grateful for all the positive responses he has received regarding “baring it all” in a bathing suit. In fact, he even launched his own line for big and tall men called Meekos. And although he was worried that his weight would keep him from ever flying a plane, he’s living his best life! 

Em Ford

After developing adult acne in 2015, Em began posting makeup tutorials on social media. But she also posted makeup-free photos, which garnered an incredible amount of negative comments. Her short film, “You Look Disgusting” is a gut-wrenching look at how cruel the world can be. But she also used the support to find her way and regain her self-confidence, creating a massive audience of 723K followers on Instagram by empowering women to feel good about themselves, both with and without makeup.


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