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Diversity, equity, and inclusion is an important topic. There is plenty to explore when it comes to learning more about your identity or gaining a new perspective from a group of people who are underrepresented in media. The following diversity and inclusion influencers, including social justice Instagram accounts, celebrate their backgrounds and cultures by sharing experiences. These diversity activists drive the conversation about making the world more inclusive and accepting of everyone.

Diversity and inclusion influencers advocating for equity

Jazzmyne Jay and Kellie B

Plus-Size Friendly is a collab between Jazzmyne and Kellie in which the two friends share their travel experiences from a plus-size perspective. More than 10.7K followers follow along as they explore the world, share their adventures and conquer their fears.

Black Kids Do Travel

Black Kids Do Travel is a page documenting the travels of Black families and celebrating diversity in travel. Destinations such as Disney or Mexico are featured, but so are off-the-beaten-path places such as Mississippi or Cambodia. Kay, a travel enthusiast with a family of her own, runs the page.

George The Poet

George is a spoken-word artist who shares his creative thoughts on his identity through poems, his podcast, and media appearances. He is a British man of Ugandan descent.

George started his career as a rapper but felt constrained by the music industry and shifted to poetry. He has worked with the BBC and TED as a speaker and published his poetry books, including 2015’s “Search Party.”

Hannah Graf

Hannah is a trans woman and mom who is known as the highest-ranking transgender person in the British Army. She remains an advisor for the British Army on transgender issues.

Hannah’s partner, Jake Graf, is also transgender. The couple had their first child in 2015. Hannah shares information and advocacy for transgender people worldwide with her 60K Instagram followers.

Aerika Shimizu Banks

Aerika is the founder of a consulting firm called Shiso, which addresses diversity, equity and inclusion within companies. She is also a content creator who shares her perspective on racial justice. Aerika is Black and Japanese, and her content centers on intersectionality and racial justice in business and media. She is a former assistant to the natural resources policy director at the White House under President Barack Obama.

Jo Luehmann

Jo is outspoken against racial justice and centers her thoughts on theology and decolonization. She holds a master’s degree in theology. Her content on Twitter and Instagram focuses on reconceptualizing religion in a way that separates capitalism and white supremacy from belief systems.


Santi is a TikTok creator who shares facts, videos and photos relating to Latin and indigenous identity. His TikTok page is an excellent place to learn more about the cultures of Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico and many more.


Ciarra is an expert on anti-racism who has an education from Cal and Harvard. She shares new approaches to eliminating racism within structures such as school or work alongside her perspective on religion and God. Ciarra has nearly 10K TikTok followers. Each of her posts tackles a new way to think about a topic, such as anti-racism within workplaces or gender roles.


#greenscreen in this video i disucss Forbes’ new article regarding the experiences if Black women in the workplace. “McKinsey’s and’s 2022 Women In the Workplace Report asserts that “we are in the midst of a ‘Great Breakup’” as women increasingly demand more from their workplaces and are willing to seek greener pastures if necessary. As is often the case, when European-American women experience challenge, Black women face a tsunami, and this report predictably finds what many Black women have known all along—corporate America isn’t designed to champion our success.” #coporateamerica #inclusion #equityatwork #organizationalleadership

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