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Social justice activists work to influence public policy and shift public opinion to create a more socially just society. Their challenges are many, and it often takes years to see real change. Still, many of these social justice activists have dedicated their lives to improve policies on topics such as immigration reform or LGBTQ+ issues. 

Here are the top 12 social justice activists on social media.

Melanie Campbell

As the CEO of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, Melanie is an advocate for youth and women’s rights. The Washingtonian has spent more than four decades advocating for this cause, and she has recently focused on increasing the number of Black voters who go to the polls. Her Instagram account promotes upcoming events and keeps followers updated on happenings on the Hill.

Susan Burton

An advocate for alternatives to prison and harsh sentencing, Susan founded A New Way of Life: a program that helps recently released women start a new life after incarceration. It provides sober housing, free legal resources, and other supportive programs for women and their families. Susan has won several awards for this program. Her Instagram offers inspirational quotes and upcoming engagements.

Malala Yousafzai

In 2013, Malala was returning to her home in Swat Valley, Pakistan, on a bus after school, when a Taliban gunman shot her in an assassination attempt for speaking in favor of education for women. Malala was shot in the head, but she recovered. She became an education activist and won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. She rallies support for education and is promoting a film she is in, “A Stranger at the Gate.”

Erika Andiola

A prominent immigration reform advocate in Arizona, Erika’s “undocumented and unafraid” stance made headlines in 2012. Erika arrived in the U.S. with her family in 1999 from Mexico, fleeing domestic violence. Since then, she went to college and has worked alongside senators to reform the path to citizenship. Erika is active on Instagram, posting clips of interviews, social issues, and family life

Kimberlé Crenshaw

A law professor at UCLA and Columbia Law School, Kimberlé fights for race and gender equality. She’s a founder of critical race theory and the creator of a think tank, African American Policy Forum, which focuses on dismantling structural inequality. Her Instagram promotes her upcoming talks, interviews, and injustices.

Charlie Amaya Scott

A trans-femme advocate of Navajo heritage, Charlie is an advocate among Indigenous people and beyond. She uses her Instagram account to educate people about everything from her culture to the importance of self-care. She helps explore the concept of Two Spirit, an Indigenous term that describes a person with both a masculine and feminine spirit.

Mari Copeny

Mari is a 14-year-old often referred to as Little Miss Flint for her advocacy for clean water in Flint, Michigan. She brought national attention to the water crisis, garnering a visit from former President Barack Obama and appearances on many media outlets. She has expanded her efforts to bring clean water to cities nationwide and continues to raise funds to this day on GoFundMe and through other initiatives.

Greta Thunberg

Greta is another young, well-known activist. Her focus is on climate justice, and she’s gained quite a following both on and offline. Her Instagram and Twitter are filled with how she fights for climate change and justice throughout the world, encouraging other young people to do the same. 

Andrea Cheong

Andrea is the founder of The Mindful Monday Method and her TikTok is full of videos sharing how to shop less and more mindfully.  She explains fast fashion and how to spend money on essential pieces more mindfully. 

@andreacheong_ I’m sooo unconvinced? Fabrics are the basics and this is an insane markup for what it is too. #samsoesamsoe #wardrobeessential #howtoshopsustainably #mindfulmondaymethod #sustainablefashion #sustainablestyle ♬ original sound - Andrea

Ibram X. Kendi

Ibram is a #1 NYT Bestselling Author and teacher of anti-racism. His Twitter is a place to follow for anti-racism, information about his books and book adaptations, and other social activism topics like climate change.

Tara Bellerose

Tara is a TikTok influencer using her platform to talk about environmental education. As an Australian farmer, Tara sees firsthand how the environment is changing quickly and needs protection


Stop Willow. Save our Arctic it takes less than a minute to take a step towards change.

♬ original sound - Tara Bellerose

Evie Meg

Evie is a health activist who has grown to an astounding 15.8 million followers on TikTok, sharing about Tourette’s syndrome and PANDAS. She shares what it’s like to live with an inflamed brain and aims to help others living with the same conditions feel less alone.

@thistrippyhippie BGE awareness💚💚 awareness is absolutely everything when it comes to this condition🐼 im annoyed i cant fit al the symptoms into one tiktok, theres so many more😫#pandaspans #bge #autoimmuneencephalitis #inflamedbrain #foryou #symptoms #pandaspansadvocate #foryoupage #pandaspanswarrior #basalgangliainflammation #pandaspanssymptoms ♬ No Lie - Sean Paul


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