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Sharing life while living with a disability can be highly vulnerable. But there are plenty of influencers out there who use their platform to create a safe space for others in the same situation as they are. From chronic illness to physical or mental disabilities, advocates come in all shapes and sizes online. If you want to learn from these disability advocates or possibly partner with them on a paid sponsorship, here are a few of our favorite influencers advocating for disabilities.

10 influencers advocating for people with disabilities

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

Jessica is a content creator on both Instagram and YouTube who shares her life as a deaf and disabled activist. Jessica is also a mother and part of the LGBTQ+ community, so you’ll see posts about those communities sprinkled in with her disability advocacy. She has 378K followers on Instagram and 996K subscribers on YouTube.


Eliza of the Disabled Eliza page on TikTok has gained almost 75K followers by sharing their experience with a physical disability. They explain their experience with things like getting left on public transportation or clothing issues as a person using a wheelchair. They hope to raise awareness about making things more accessible to those with wheelchairs.


Come with me to Kew Gardens as a wheelchair user! I really love going to Kew because I do think that they put a lot of effort into making their space as accessible as possible and I really love spending time out in nature in an accessible way! Accessibility: ✨Step free throughout ✨Wheelchairs to rent ✨Accessible toilets ✨Cafes cater for allergens ✨Shorter access line Overall I always love my time at kew! Have you ever been? Access: Video description: Video begins with Eliza going into Kew Gardens, there is text that reads ‘Come with me to Kew Gardens as a wheelchair user’ we then see Eliza going up the ramp into the green houses and Eliza showing the accessible toilets, Eliza then shows us them on the tree top walk way after the new lift has been fitted, and Eliza enjoying spending time outside.

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Keah Brown

Keah is an author and advocacy influencer on Instagram with over 22K followers. She came up with the hashtag ##DisabledAndCute. She shares her own poems, photos of her life and life with cerebral palsy.

Lauren Spencer

Lauren, or Lolo, is the founder of Live Solo, a lifestyle brand dedicated to young adults with disabilities who are looking for ways to learn about being more independent and self-empowerment. She has 70K followers on Instagram and shares a look into her life with a disability. She empowers others to live their best lives no matter their circumstances. 

Kaelynn Partlow

Kaelynn is another advocate for disabilities on social media who has grown her TikTok to over 419K followers. Kaelynn was actually on Netflix’s Love On The Spectrum and is an autistic therapist and advocate. She helps others understand autism, hoping to open up the conversation around autism and those on the spectrum.


The burning 🔥 question that people are too afraid to ask me is: ⬇️ “If you have autism and struggle with social skills yourself, HOW can you adequately provide social skills instruction to other people?” For a while, it baffled me too. 🫣 It finally clicked when I heard a neurotypical therapist say “teaching social skills is hard because they’re so natural to me. I don’t think about it, I just do it.” 🤯 In this case, autism gives me an advantage. I can teach social skills because I had to learn a lot of it piece by piece! #autistic #neurodivergent #actuallyautistic #autisticadult #therapist #autismacceptance

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Sarah Todd Hammer

Sarah is 22 and has hand and arm paralysis, which she shares about on TikTok. Sarah has over 83K followers and is an advocate for others living with physical disability. She wants to raise awareness for accessibility for those with paralysis or other physical disabilities of their arms and hands. Things that others may find simple, like tupperware or eating yogurt, can be difficult or impossible for those with a physical disability.


Access intimacy: a concept that refers to the beauty of looking out for others’ access needs. We live in such an individualistic culture in the US, but interdependence really is beautiful 🩵 [Video Description: ST and her friend helping each other get food. Her friend holds a Tupperware while ST places food from a warmer inside the Tupperware. A clip of ST’s friend placing the Tupperware in the basket on her scooter is shown at the end.] #DisabilityTikTok #DisabilityAwareness #Accessibility

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Allison Tennyson

Allison has over 100K followers on TikTok and shares about chronic illness advocacy as well as her own struggles with chronic conditions. She talks about the grief that comes with life before chronic illness and wants to help others understand the complexities behind disorders such as POTS.


POTS isn’t caused by deconditioning, but deconditioning will make POTS symptoms worse. #PotsSyndrome #Dysautonomia #Deconditioning

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Paula Carozzo

Paula receives the comment “but you don’t look sick” quite often and explains to her followers why that can be damaging to those living with disabilities or invisible illness. She has grown to over 88K followers on TikTok sharing her story and advocating for others. She’s modeled for companies like Victoria’s Secret as some of their first disabled models.


Steff is another disability advocate who has taken to Instagram to share her story in order to raise more awareness and create a community for those in similar shoes. She’s a writer and lives with chronic illness and disability. She shares what it’s like to live with Ankylosing Spondylitis and encourages others to take care of themselves in whatever journey they’re on.

Ellie Goldstein

With almost 90K followers on Instagram, Ellie is a model, author and dancer sharing her experience and life living with Down Syndrome. She’s been on the covers of magazines like British Vogue, Bella and Hairdressers Journal International. She speaks on multiple publications and podcasts to bring awareness to life with Down Syndrome. 

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