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As technology continues to evolve rapidly, so does how people stay fit. Home workouts have become more popular than ever before, and with that comes a whole new wave of influencers dedicating their time and talent to helping others reach their fitness goals. From yoga gurus to powerlifting pros, this list is packed with inspiring accounts from home workout influencers posting motivation, advice, tips and tricks for home workouts.

Top 12 home workout influencers


Adrienne is a personal trainer and the host of the “Power Hour” podcast. In each episode, the London-based influencer interviews coaches, dieticians and other experts. Adrienne also relies on more visual content, such as her Instagram posts that capture her latest workouts and runs to guide her audience through routines and demonstrate muscle-building moves for more than 76.8K followers.

Jeremy Ethier

Jeremy is a kinesiologist and fitness YouTuber who uses plenty of visuals and science-backed tips to help his audience of over 5.93 million subscribers reach their workout goals. His videos highlight his own experiences and growth in ways that motivate his audience. Jeremy also offers guides on correcting posture during workouts to avoid injury, taking supplements for muscle growth and establishing effective meal plans.

Cat Meffan

A former gymnast and dancer, Cat turned to yoga after suffering several injuries. Now, she’s a yoga teacher who offers home workout tips. She has grabbed the attention of more than 282K subscribers. Her 20-minute yoga routines are easy to follow and easy to practice in the comfort of your own home.

Lita Lewis 

Lita is a health and lifestyle coach who isn’t afraid to challenge society’s views of the “ideal” body type. The online coach shares the routines that have worked for her as she relates to postpartum moms and shares home-friendly workouts to help them bounce back with her. Lita motivates more than 533K followers and encourages them to check out her training program.

Sohee Carpenter 

Working out at home often requires a bit of creative thinking. Fitness coach Sohee knows this, and she includes everything from pets to other people in her workout sessions. Her 622K followers join her as she helps them improve their relationship with working out, food, and loving their bodies.

Jen Selter

As one of the OG Fitness influencers, Jen built a successful platform by sharing her home workout routines. Jen focuses on sharing delicious yet healthy recipes, easy-to-follow routines, and her own workout brands and athletic gear, which catch the eye of more than 14.2M followers on Instagram and 2.4 million on TikTok.


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Kayla Itsines

Since 2008, Kayla has made it her mission to help women build confidence and achieve the body they want. Her workouts have circled through YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. She shares low-impact routines that often include no weights or equipment and ensures her followers can practice the same at home. Kayla is also a co-founder of the Sweat app, where you can find a variety of home workouts.

Jeanette Jenkins

With more than 30 years of experience as a trainer and health coach, it’s safe to say that Jeanette knows exactly the workouts you need to achieve your fitness goals. With her famous 30-day Boot Camps and classic at-home workouts, Jeanette amassed more than 984K followers on Instagram, where she keeps them motivated and ready to tackle new routines.

Amanda Bisk

Amanda is an Australian former pole vaulter who has turned into one of the most popular yoga coaches and influencers on social media today. Her classic routines will bring you motivation and energy as she shares them with more than 635K followers. Amanda is a training technique specialist, exercise physiologist, elite coach, and yoga pilates teacher who often shares workouts you can complete at home.

Johanna — Grow With Jo

Known for her easy-to-follow tutorials highlighting a series of walking workouts, weekly workout schedules, and at-home routines to help you stay consistent, Jo has created successful platforms with her passion for fitness and bright energy. More than 4.93 million subscribers tune in to see her latest tutorials that vary in length and target different muscles you can work on at home.

WanangwaN — wan_aesthenix

Wanangwa shares his focused workouts, highlighting his knowledge of calisthenics, which he has been practicing for more than six years. The 21-year-old has gained more than 335.8K followers by sharing a series of home workouts that target flexibility and mobility as well as strength building.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel takes to TikTok to share her passion for helping others learn the art of Pilates, which can benefit health in many ways. With her own program and creative two-week pilates challenges, Rachel grabs the attention of over 26.1K followers on TikTok and uses her platform to encourage them that anyone can do the workouts in their own home.


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