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The digital marketing industry is ever-evolving, and the past decade has seen some incredible advancements in this field. From new technologies to innovative strategies, it’s no wonder that so many professionals have found success within this dynamic space. Countless women dominate the world of digital marketing. Here’s our list of some of the top women in digital marketing who continue to break barriers as they successfully use modern platforms to share their expertise.

Top 16 women in digital marketing

Lynsey Eaton, Tina Craig and Suzanne Droese

Co-founders of marketing agency Estate Five, Lynsey, Tina and Suzanne are experts in influencer trends and management who put their creative minds together to find top-tier talent on social media and generate awareness about quality content. Their influencer management agency has more than 8.7K followers on Instagram.

Ann Handley

Ann Handley is the head of content at MarketingProfs, an accomplished author and a brilliant mind who spends her time waging a war on content mediocrity. Her success and advice have earned her over 28.6K followers on Instagram and more than 51.7K followers on Twitter.

Sunny Lenarduzzi

Sunny is a YouTube marketing and content expert who shares her knowledge with more than 547K subscribers. With the goal of helping others scale their income, impact and authority, Sunny fills her channel with all the secrets and advice for building a successful business.

Pam Moore

CEO of Marketing Nutz, Pam has collected more than 278.6K X followers by sharing her expertise as a digital brand marketing physiologist, keynote speaker, brand ambassador, and influencer. She posts useful advice and retweets others in social media and digital marketing.

Molly Pittman

Co-founder of Train My Traffic Person and CEO of the digital marketing platform Smart Marketer, Molly shares her knowledge of the industry with more than 19K followers on Instagram.

Laura Belgray

Laura is the owner of Talking Shrimp, a copy and email professional, and an author who is a brilliant mind in the digital marketing industry. She has more than 61.6K followers.

Margaret Molloy

As the CMO of the global branding firm Siegel and Gale, Margaret specializes in B2B social media marketing. She has more than 7K followers on Instagram who hear about the untold stories of Irish fashion.

Carla Johnson

As an accomplished author, speaker and leading innovation architect, Carla gives others advice about creative content, with the goal of teaching 1 million people to become innovative thinkers by 2025. On Instagram, she posts the latest social media marketing strategies and tips for boosting your business.

Tyrona Heath

Director of the B2B Institute at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, Tryona is an incredible speaker, author and advocate for #BlackInTech. She shares her lifestyle and insights to help other businesses thrive.

Sue B. Zimmerman

As the creative mind behind “The Instagram Expert,” Sue discusses Instagram marketing with more than 52.2K followers. She keeps her followers up to date on the latest digital marketing trends and advice on how to be successful.

Ursula Ringham

Ursula is a storyteller, author, speaker and creator. Ursula is an expert in influencer marketing strategies and shares her opinions and knowledge with more than 12.2K followers on X.

Teresa Heath-Wareing (Campbell)

Teresa is a business, marketing and mindset expert. Teresa takes to Instagram to share her success as an online business owner, international speaker and author, and popular podcast host. Teresa has more than 4.7K Instagram followers.

Olga Andrienko

Olga is the VP of brand marketing at SEMrush and an entrepreneur. She has a following of more than 1.5K on her personal Instagram platform. Her expertise and marketing education shine through her posts, which cover everything from digital marketing to her latest adventures.

Kris Ruby

Kris is the CEO of Ruby Media Group, a PR consulting firm. Kris is also an accomplished commentator and entrepreneur who creates content about the ins and outs of digital marketing. Her latest posts cover her opinions on current social media trends and how they affect the industry.

Lexie Carbone

Lexie is a content marketer at Vancouver-based Later, a social media marketing firm. She is an expert in Instagram style and social media marketing strategy and offers advice for those looking to boost their Instagram presence.

Joana Galvão

Joana is the founder of GiF Design Studios. She has 29.4K Instagram followers who tune in to learn about design optimization, marketing and brand strategy. Joana fills her feed with creative ideas and useful advice for creators.


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