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As the possibilities for brands, consumers and influencers in the metaverse expand, more people are becoming aware of NFTs, virtual real estate and cryptocurrency. Decentraland is a game that allows users to own and trade virtual land. Players buy the land as NFTs with MANA, a cryptocurrency that uses the Ethereum blockchain. Decentraland influencers stay plugged into the virtual world, offering updates, education and other content related to Decentraland.

Decentraland influencers showing others the ways of the metaverse

Defi Donut

Defi Donut surveys the NFT space daily, sharing the latest news on NFTs, and there is plenty of news to share. He shows viewers how to navigate the NFT realm, giving advice on generating income from cryptocurrency investments.“DeFi” means decentralized finance, which Defi Donut supports. 


Tobik is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer who is heavily involved in cryptocurrency. Many of his videos center on teaching others how to make money with Decentraland and how to invest in MANA.

Tobik’s advice for profiting from Decentraland includes creating content around Decentraland, holding MANA and selling for profit, or hosting events or games on the platform.


YouMack is a Decentraland “citizen” who organizes events in the metaverse. YouMack engages with fellow Decentraland influencers on Twitter, spreading the word on the latest events on digital property. Because there is so much happening in the Decentraland world, there are nearly endless opportunities to attract fans and followers.

NFT Verse

Angel, known on YouTube as NFT Verse, provides regular updates on the latest NFTs available and the latest news in NFTs and the metaverse. Recent videos include analysis on Minecraft banning NFTs or Epic Games introducing NFTs.

Angel has also started to break down the latest in virtual real estate, and that’s where Decentraland comes in. His overview of Decentraland’s real estate offerings gives a strong synopsis of what it means to buy virtual real estate and how it could open opportunities.


SlyWest is another Decentraland event organizer. A self-described “DCL OG,” SlyWest often shares what’s going on at different places in the metaverse and bonds with friends they have traversed the virtual terrain alongside.

One recent event fell on Shark Week and featured giveaways and a look at footage from a Shark Week photographer.


Also known as the Decentraland Report, Kevin is a Twitch streamer who is also active on Twitter. He provides regular updates on new developments in Decentraland.

Kevin recently touted a $50,000 grant that allows the chosen applicant to realize their vision for a metaverse space. In addition to more than 2K Twitch followers, Kevin has nearly 10K followers on Twitter.


ToxSam is a creator within the metaverse. Some of his most notable work is in creating interoperable NFT avatars. ToxSam also helped develop MegaCube, a game within Decentraland.

ToxSam’s Twitter feed is a great resource for gaining a new perspective on channeling creativity in the design of art to be used in the metaverse or NFT space.


Murphjestic is the head of events at Decentral Games, a gaming platform that can be accessed on Decentraland. Of course, many popular events are shared on Murphjestic’s Twitter feed, but his tweets also offer some insight and engagement on new projects in the metaverse from Decentral Games and others.

Nicole Nixon

Nicole is a Decentraland user, or citizen, who often shares her thoughts and experiences in the metaverse. A content strategist, Nicole has an eye for metaverse developments worth checking out.

Nicole’s Twitter feed highlights some of the top developments in Decentraland, including brands that are getting in on the NFT industry and events that she took part in.


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