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There are more than 5,000 different cryptocurrencies in circulation right now, and even if you aren’t familiar with the concepts of digital money or blockchain technology, you’ve probably heard the big names. From Bitcoin and Ethereum to Dogecoin and Solana, the stand-outs in the industry are popping up on well-known social media accounts — from celebrities and billionaires to influencers and other social media users — as curiosity grows about crypto, NFTs and the metaverse in general.

10 influencers discussing all things crypto

Nicholas Merten

Nicholas is the face behind DataDash, a one-stop shop for all things related to cryptocurrencies. His 492K YouTube subscribers tune in for his in-depth advice on topics like what most people get wrong about crypto and which platform coins to watch, as well as specific cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. He also covers news about the top cryptocurrency exchange platforms, like when Coinbase launched its IPO.

Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas teaches free workshops on cryptocurrency and has written five books on the topic. He’s very active on Twitter, where he promotes his YouTube videos on topics like why you should update your hardware wallet and what decentralized finance actually means. As an expert on crypto, Andreas is a sought-after speaker who does live Q&As to help answer the industry’s most pressing questions.

Adam Back

The co-founder of Blockstream and a cryptographer, Adam Back has a unique expertise in the safety of cryptocurrency. His 433.1K Twitter followers follow him for the latest on price volatilitysubmitting limit orders and accepting trade offers, and tokenomics. Visit his webpage to learn more about his crypto projects, tech reports, and work to break weak security.

Roger Ver

Who better to follow to learn more about cryptocurrency than the founder of Bitcoin? Although there are some promotional videos, like “Why #BitcoinCash is Perfect for Your Business,” there are also a plethora of how-to pieces about buying cryptocurrencies, the most crypto-friendly country, and the state of crypto. Be sure to catch his interview with Dave Lee on “The Future of Money, Technology and Governance.”

Wendy O

In 2017, Wendy became interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. By 2018, she was involved in the industry full time, educating the community on topics like margin trading, pump and dumps, and speedy profit-taking strategies. Her 151K YouTube subscribers love her easy-to-understand tutorials, like this one on how to set up a Phantom Wallet for Solana.

Alex Becker

Alex specializes in crypto gaming, although he still offers overall market updates on his YouTube channel for his 1.21 million subscribers. Topics include crypto crashes and predictions on high-return crypto coins to how he trades micro caps. It’s also worth noting that Alex has entire playlists dedicated to his experience with minimalism, mental health, and creating a positive mindset.

Charlie Chang

Although Charlie’s 577K YouTube subscribers follow him to learn about personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing, he’s got an entire playlist dedicated to cryptocurrency. His in-depth videos cover subjects like his top 5 crypto picks, how beginners can start investing in crypto, and how to make passive income with crypto. His video about the crypto crash of 2021 explains what caused it and what investors should do.

Lark Davis

Known by his 480K YouTube subscribers as “The Crypto Lark,” Lark is an experienced cryptocurrency investor who uses his channel to help educate his audience on how to make money in the industry. He keeps his fans up to date on news related to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other alt coins, including alerting investors about when cryptocurrency is undervalued. Larky’s crypto investor report, Wealth Mastery, is renowned as one of the best on the market.

Faares Quadri

Faares created his YouTube channel to test out different ways to make money while documenting his journey of building wealth. His 80.2K subscribers can follow his lead by watching his videos on cryptocurrency, including his monthly recommendations on which crypto to buy and strategies to find new crypto projects/coins. His informative pieces on the best crypto wallets and the pros and cons of all the major crypto exchanges are incredibly helpful.

Sheldon Evans

Sheldon’s 740K YouTube subscribers know they can count on him to learn the basics about cryptocurrency, including the top crypto picks. His detailed explanations of crypto trends, cryptocurrency investor mistakes, and whether it’s time to buy or sell your crypto are invaluable. For those interested in what Sheldon reads for inspiration, check out his video on “3 Books You Must Read If You’re Serious About Success.”


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