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Traveling with your favorite person makes any exciting destination even better — and makes travel hiccups bearable. The couples who run these travel-related accounts bring you along on the adventure while offering tips for navigating any curveball life throws you on the road (or on a plane). Whether you need inspiration or want to work with travel creators, check out these couples travel influencers.

Couples travel influencers inspiring wanderlust

Mariane and Jenson – travelcoupledream

Mariane and Jenson met in 2018 and love sharing their travels with their 701.7K TikTok followers. The soon-to-be-married couple’s love and passion for adventure shine in every post as they travel the world together.

Courtney and Gabriel – pitchtopassport

Courtney and Gabriel are travel and lifestyle bloggers with a focus on sports. With a baby and two dogs, the husband and wife post kid- and pet-friendly travel tips to their 3.1K Instagram followers. They also offer travel guides for a variety of U.S. cities and give advice to maximize your vacations.

Brittany and Sam – bljackson16

The past two years inspired his couple to live by a “why wait?” philosophy, which they share with their Instagram followers. Brittany and Sam balance luxury with budget travel, and in 2021 they visited 10 countries and five states together.

Yulia and Jason – beat_up_suitcases

This Canadian couple posts travel, local entertainment and lifestyle content for their 6.9K Instagram followers. Yulia and Jason love sharing travel ideas and tips with high-quality photography.

Zach Chin and Tee Leung

Zach and Tee are an influencer couple who post their adventures online. They make content in a variety of categories including food, travel and comedy. They have 2.5M TikTok followers and 357K Instagram followers. They also have a YouTube channel with 360K subscribers where they post vlogs of food reviews.

Alesha and Jarryd – nomadasaurus

Alesha and Jarryd are an Australian couple full of wanderlust who met in a Canadian hostel in 2008. Since then, they’ve barely stopped traveling together, exploring country after country. Alesha and Jarryd are full-time travelers and professional photographers whose photos make their 80.4K Instagram followers feel like they’re on the adventure with them.

Kit and J.R. – idletheorybus

The main character in Kit and J.R.’s lives is a 1976 VW bus the couple has been traveling in since 2008. Their 145K Instagram followers love keeping up with the trio’s adventures across the U.S., including the ups and downs of van life. 

Gabi and Shanna – 27travels

The New York City couple shares travel hacks and tips on where to visit. Gabi and Shanna’s 73.1K TikTok followers look to them for advice on which destinations are worth the hype, along with cities that feel the most welcoming to members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Scott and Collette – roamaroo

Scott and Collette quit their jobs and threw caution to the wind in 2015 so they could travel the world. After having a baby girl in April, their passion for traveling didn’t stop — instead, they decided to help empower families to keep the wanderlust going even after having children. The couple still shares their travels with 230K Instagram followers, but they also incorporate advice and motivation for traveling with a baby.


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