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When life feels particularly heavy, few things can pick up your spirits like a hearty laugh. Whether you’re a fan of biting sarcasm, harmless pranks, spot-on impressions, or highly relatable skits that make light of pop culture trends, celebrities, politics, or generational differences, these 12 comedy and satire influencers on TikTok can help. Some of these comedians and satirists do standup, while others simply produce content to keep their followers entertained. 

12 comedic influencers to follow on TikTok

Max St. John

Max is a writer and comedian who makes satirical videos on everything from items in the news and fake commercials to spin-offs of TV shows, like this one of “The Great Witch-ish Bake Off.” His series on pitching ideas for Hallmark movies touches on the absurdity of the formulaic plots, characters, and settings. No topic is safe from Max’s parodies, which touch on consumerism, fantasy football and more.

Sarah Cooper

With 642.2K followers on TikTok, Sarah drew many of her followers after posting videos of her lip syncing to President Trump’s speeches and interviews. She has also done lip syncs to the voice of Elon Musk, dance duets with Alfonso Ribeiro, and a funny instructional video on how to emote with your eyes when you’re wearing a mask.   

Caitlin Reilly 

Caitlin has a few acting credits to name, but her 2.1 million TikTok fans come for her comedy. She makes fun of the gushy Valentine’s Day tributes, lurking Gap employees, and how everyone thinks their tattoo is super original. Caitlin joined the TikTok revolution in 2020, just before the pandemic, and has gained popularity quickly.

Danny Gonzalez

Content creator, musician, and all-around funny guy, Danny is one of the most reliable TikTok influencers in terms of consistent entertainment. His video with Drew Gooden, “We Are Not the Same Person,” pokes fun at the sheer volume of comments the two have gotten about their similarities. From Kidz Bop and the shape of his nose to his video duets with other TikTok makers, Danny’s 2 million TikTok followers know he’ll have them in stitches.

Celina Myers

We all know sleepwalking can be scary and dangerous, but thanks to Celina’s willingness to videotape herself while asleep, it’s also hysterical. Her 24.9 million followers have watched her dodge demons in a night terror and stuff her pants full of random items while telling crazy tales. She’s particularly fond of smelling things — like meat and her toy llama — while sleepwalking through the house.


I am super sick and these old sleepwalking clips are keeping my spirits up

♬ original sound - Celinaspookyboo

Matteo Lane

Matteo’s comedic takes on Italian grandmothers and Tiger King give you a general vibe as to the comedian’s style. But he’s also done parodies on ghost hunters and his weekly podcast, “Inside the Closet,” provides his audience with extended clips of him cracking jokes. 

Natalie Railey

Her 543.4K TikTok followers know her as “Parody Mom,” but there are plenty of funny non-parody videos on Natalie’s account as well. These highly relatable clips range from getting waxed and aging-related problems to embarrassing moments at the doctor. Be sure to catch her Alanis Morissette impression while cooking dinner.


How long until I forget yesterday?

♬ original sound - TaZ

Sidney Morss

Sidney’s sarcastic take on everything from generational differences and corporate humor to politics and therapy really hit the mark on modern humor. She translates real-life scenarios, like going out with friends who have kids and spending Christmas with your family. Under the giggles, there are some valid points in her content, like this video about working moms returning to their jobs.

Jimmy O. Yang

Jimmy’s Funny Asian Dude TikTok account has amassed 3.1 million followers for his clips of standup, “Jimmy’s Kitchen” cooking videos, and late-night TV appearances. In addition to his roles on the HBO comedy series “Silicon Valley” and “Space Force,” he also appears in the Netflix romantic comedy film “Love Hard.” Even if you’re not a BTS fan, you can understand why it’s a big deal that Jimmy was in their video!

Angelina Spicer

Mom and standup comic Angelina might have been on “The Ellen Show” for her vaccine activism, but the comedienne has gained 647.3K TikTok followers for her humorous videos. Her take on “Hood Snacks,” relationship issues, and $20 flights are both funny and relatable. Her comedy tour to help mothers with postpartum depression and anxiety allowed her to showcase her comedic skills in true form.

Emily Zugay

Emily is a 25-year-old graphic designer who is all about being sarcastic. For example, she’s not sure if she owns a right-handed spatula or a left-handed spatula. She encourages viewers to get a free car wash by pulling over near a corn field that’s being watered and offers a comedic lost-and-found video for beachgoers. She has earned notoriety for her redesigns of brand logos, like the “Detroit Lines.”

Vincent Marcus

Part beatboxer, part impressionist, and all comedian, Vincent’s 1.8 million TikTok followers are always entertained by his content. Check out his impression of Ben Shapiro talking about Harry Styles in a dress or Michael Caine morphing into Matthew McConaughey. If he sounds familiar, it may be because you recognize his rapper impressions from “America’s Got Talent.” Not to be missed: his “human radio” clip.  

Elyza Halpern — possumgirl

Elyza is a comedian who creates short humorous videos that she shares with her 13.7K Instagram followers and 107.2K TikTok followers. Her videos typically put a satirical spin on current events.

Drew Afualo 

Drew is famous for her comedic short videos that shares with her 8 million TikTok followers. In addition to her funny TikTok videos, Drew also posts modeling photos for her 945K Instagram followers. She is also a member of the Two Idiot Girls Podcast.

@drewafualo Replying to @James Ryan haply thursday yall! Lmfaoooo #fypシ ♬ original sound - Drew Afualo

Jay Salazar 

Jay is a UGC creator and social media manager with nearly 630K followers on TikTok. He makes funny content, including educational and political satire videos, but mainly focuses on tips for weight loss surgery recovery as he recently had the gastric sleeve done. Jay knows what it’s like to recover from a difficult surgery and is a good resource for others experiencing the same symptoms. On Instagram, Jay shares more personal posts, like this adorable photo from his wedding.


This is something that will impact me for the rest of my life... I promise this was a well thought out decision 🙏🏽❤️

♬ original sound - TheJaySalazar


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