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There’s a lot of marketing power behind a celebrity endorsement. When a celebrity sports a new outfit or uses a new product, their fan base takes notice. Brands are willing to pay top dollar for that kind of influence, as in, millions of dollars. 

Chanel paid Brad Pitt $7 million for an endorsement, Selena Gomez banked $10 million for partnering with Coach, and Usain Bolt earned $10 million for his support of Puma, according to a list of the highest-paid endorsement deals. Which brands are working with celebrities now?

10 brands that celebrities are endorsing

Serena Williams for Tonal

Tennis legend Serena Williams is Tonal’s newest brand ambassador. The elite athlete has been a longtime investor of the smart, at-home strength trainer. She recently released a 30-second commercial, Strength Made Me, which shows her building muscle using the slim, wall-mounted machine. The campaign will also include extensions with other top-tier athletes that utilize Tonal as part of their workout routines.

Jennifer Garner for Capital One

Jennifer Garner has made headlines as her ex Ben Affleck rekindled his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. But the former Alias actress isn’t letting the tabloids interfere with her work. Jennifer recently starred in another Capital One commercial, this time taking over parent-teacher conferences to talk about the perks of the credit card. She’s repped the brand since 2014.

Jennifer Lopez for Coach

JLo and Ben are now an item, but Jenny from the block has been busy professionally, too. Her latest movie, “Marry Me” is out and she’s now endorsing Coach. The luxury purse brand has created quite a campaign, having Jennifer star in a series of videos that put a new spin on Coach’s iconic horse-and-carriage logo. 

Robert Pattinson with Dior

Made famous by the vampire saga “Twilight,” Robert Pattinson stepped out of his love triangle with Bella and Jake to endorse Dior Homme. In the most recent campaign, Robert promotes the rugged scent in a 45-second commercial where he plays the protective, sexy boyfriend. Robert started working the brand back in 2011 and the partnership seems to be as strong (and steamy) as ever. 

Amy Schumer with Tampax

In a bid to make periods less hush-hush, Tampax teamed with straight-forward comedian Amy Schumer. Known for her blunt humor, Amy did a series of videos for the personal hygiene brand that demystifies different tampon sizes and asks an OB a list of questions that many women wonder about. The videos went viral and so did #TimeToTampax. 

Ryan Reynolds with Mint Mobile

“Deadpool” actor Ryan Reynolds endorsed Mint Mobile in 2019 before buying the company. That’s right, the Free Guy star now owns a mobile company and he’s endorsing it in a way only he can. In a recent commercial, Ryan “hires” his young daughter to shoot the video so the company can continue to pass savings on to customers.

Eva Longoria with L’Oreal

In the height of the pandemic, when lockdowns made it next to impossible to visit your favorite salon, L’Oreal presented its at-home hair color kits as the solution. With the help of Eva Longoria and her flowing locks, the brand asked the soap star to offer a YouTube tutorial on how to color your hair using L’Oreal’s three-step DIY process. 

Naomi Osaka with Beats by Dre

A four-time Grand Slam Champion and Black Lives Matter advocate, Naomi Osaka teamed up with Beats by Dre for a powerful commercial. In the ad, Naomi is preparing for a competition and listening to her Beats Flex Wireless headphones. There’s no narration, just music. When Naomi walks past the camera, beads in her hair say, “Silence is Violence.” The ad ends with a clever tagline, “Flex that voice,” a play on the product name and the stand that the athlete takes.

Dwayne Johnson for Under Armour

Who better to represent an athletic brand than the ever-fit Dwayne Johnson. While Dwayne Johnson first gained notoriety as a WWE wrestler, “The Rock,” his talents and brand have evolved. Under the partnership, Dwayne helped the brand develop footwear, apparel, accessories and created inspiring ads, like this one, with a tagline: Will Finds A Way. The ads show everyday underdogs who willed their way to success.

Kevin Hart with Fabletics Men

Comedian Kevin Hart teamed up with Fabletics for a line of athletic wear for men. The Hart X Fabletics collection brings quality and comfort to men. The line features foundational layers,  activewear tops and bottoms, joggers, hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts and more. 


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