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Biohacking is a way of examining physical and mental well-being to find ways of achieving optimal health. People who practice biohacking say these strategies can help them fix chronic health problems, extend their lifespan, make significant progress in their mental health, or simply help them feel their best. Biohackers might incorporate meditation, cold plunges, red light therapy, and certain diets and fitness regimens. Online, biohacking influencers share their experiences and recommendations for achieving their happiest and healthiest selves. While followers should approach these recommendations cautiously, they can find inspiration in their content.

11 biohacking influencers

Aggie Lal

With 1M followers on Instagram, Aggie is a biohacking influencer who has so much pull in the space, she’s created a book and a supplement line. Her hashtag #BiohackLikeaWoman encourages other women to share what they’re doing to biohack their lives.

Chloe Deutscher

Chloe is a chemical engineer who believes in human potential. She creates videos about this for almost 150K followers on TikTok. She shares how to manage emotions with different tools and helpful tips about EFT and acupressure. Most of her content is focused on mental wellness.

Tim Gray

Tim is a U.K. biohacker who shares his biohacking tips with 472K followers on Instagram. He believes in helping his followers navigate an unhealthy world by sharing leading authors and latest research from the @healthoptimisationsummit. He goes into why he thinks kombucha is a moldy scam.

Dr. Mark Hyman

Mark is an author and functional medicine doctor who has appeared on many podcasts and documentaries. He has 2.8M followers on Instagram who see clips from his podcast, The Doctor’s Farmacy. Mark focuses a lot on foods, nutrition and aging.

Andrew Huberman

If you’re in the biohacking or health/wellness space, you’ve probably heard of Andrew or his podcast, Huberman Labs. He has over 6M followers on Instagram and shares many tips and takeaways about living the best, healthy life.

Dave Asprey

Dave is another popular biohacking influencer in the online space with 158K followers on TikTok, 1M on Instagram and 53K subscribers on YouTube. He’s the founder of Bulletproof Coffee and talks about biohacking and health on his podcast, The Human Upgrade Podcast. He’s also an author and claims to be the creator of biohacking.


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Jenna McInnes

Jenna is a biohacking and epigenetics influencer and coach who shares wellness tips with just over 8.6K followers. While she is currently a micro-influencer, her biohacking content is top-notch.

Ariana Medizade

Ariana is a biohacking influencer on TikTok with just under 240K followers. Her page, The Wellness Pharm, shares what she believes is the healthiest way to look at life from the eyes of a wellness enthusiast and pharmacist. She shares hacks for topics like period issues and stopping wasting money on unnecessary supplements.


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Allyssa LaScalla

Allyssa or the @biohackingbombshell on Instagram, is a biohacking influencer with 133K followers. She’s an integrative health practitioner who focuses her wellness and biohacking content on finding the root causes of people’s health issues, including brain fog, fatigue and bloatin.

Brittany Ford

With just over 43K followers on Instagram, Brittany is another biohacking influencer on how to biohack your preconception health and fertility. Her podcast, Biohacking with Brittany, is a Top 1.5% podcast globally. She shares about topics such as EMFs and how they could be affecting lives negatively, as well as the benefits of magnesium.

Brendan — Santa Cruz Medicinals

Brendan is the face behind Santa Cruz Medicinals, a popular biohacking TikTok with 552K followers. He focuses on helping Americans understand just how unhealthy our world is and how to biohack yourself into a more healthy state. He talks with people at the grocery store and tries to convince them not to pick up the unhealthy stuff like soda.


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