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College students, now more than ever, are using social media to share their daily experiences with thousands of followers. College student influencers have become popular because they target an active audience ranging from 18 to 22 years old. The best college influencers tend to be tech-savvy, aware of pop-culture trends, and know how to market themselves. From Greek life and dorm decor to class routines and easy college meals, these influencers are taking to YouTube to share it all. Follow along as we share the best college YouTubers as they share all the tips and tricks to surviving the college lifestyle.

Top 14 best college YouTubers


As a student at the University of Southern California, Lindsiann takes viewers through the ins and outs of life on campus. From vlogs about what she eats in a week to studying for midterms to her weekly college wardrobe, she offers upbeat advice on fashion, self-care, decorating, and cleaning. Her videos on being alone in college and her daily vlogs give her 271K subscribers insight into the college lifestyle.

Audrey Atienza

Audrey’s videos and commentary about her journey at the University of Texas in Austin offer viewers a look into everything from move-in day to sorority life. She touches on college roommates and asks her 150K followers to submit questions. Her college day-in-the-life vlogs share her experiences on campus and around Austin.

Lexi Vee

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to attend a historically Black college and university (HBCU), Lexi gives you an insider look into Oakwood University. Her 1.35M subscribers see her college spring break experiences, maintenance vlogs, and a montage about being a student.

Alexa — normanthornes

Alexa is a college student who romanticizes the uni lifestyle. With more than 76.6K subscribers, Alexa shares advice on crushing midterms, real-life vlogs on how stressful school can be, and productive routines.

McKenna Marie

Formerly known for her piano videos, McKenna shows life as a college student. Her grocery hauls, getting ready-for-school routines and spring semester prep videos have gained over 741K subscribers. Her studying vlogs and busy days on campus experiences show exactly how fun being a student can be.

Serena — serena.mp4

Serena is an electrical engineering student who documents her studies, daily life, memories, and more for her 53.8K subscribers. Known for her “school girl study vlogs”, Serena captivates her audience by showcasing life as a college student.

Clarisse — clarisseintheclouds

Clarisse aims to educate over 180K subscribers on romanticizing school and creating study habits that work for them. Her vlogs capture how she has mastered becoming the “perfect student” and the exciting slices of college life. In between her college content, Clarisse shares her passion for travel and lifestyle content.


Briddy is a university student who takes her 541K subscribers along with her as she travels, enjoys her cats, collects books, and studies. She shows the realistic side of finals week, her study routines and how she gets through exams.

Scarlett — SomethingScarlett 

Scarlett shares detailed study vlogs that capture how productive she is. Her university experiences entertain and inspire over 46K subscribers and she often talks about campus life, lectures, midterms and more.

Maya Beatriz

Maya welcomes 164K subscribers to her digital diary that shares her passion for fashion, New York City, and life as a college student. Maya often showcases the student lifestyle in NYC and vlogs her productive study routines to inspire other fellow students.

Phedra Dee

Phedra has a channel dedicated to sharing the realistic side of being a college student with her 72.2K subscribers. She shares everything from motivation for making it through finals season to posts on using AI as a student.

Amy Cheah

Whether skiing in Italy or grinding during exam weeks, Amy is a dedicated student with a dynamic channel that captures various passions. Amy has over 261K subscribers who see things like self-care nights and more.

Vee Kativhu

Vee is a girls education activist with multiple degrees from Harvard and Oxford who is currently working on her Ph.D. She has drawn in over 276K subscribers by sharing her study routines and content that empowers others to reach their academic potential.


In her third year of college, Stephanie is an accomplished and dedicated student who has perfected a study routine that she shares with over 36K subscribers. She shows how she studies for exams, whether it be a 72-hour study vlog or a normal day waking up at 5 a.m. for classes. 


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