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It’s not surprising that some of the most popular YouTubers are in college. Not only did college YouTubers essentially grow up on social media, but they reflect the target market. Averaging 18 to 22 years old, the best college YouTubers tend to be tech-savvy, on the pulse of pop culture, and knowledgeable about how to market themselves.

While most college YouTubers focus on student life — including campus fashion, dorm decor, classes, Greek life, and studying — some focus on pop culture. Many videos are purely for entertainment, while others provide tips, hacks, and advice for prospective and current students.

Here are 10 of the top college YouTubers to check out


As a student at the University of Southern California, Lindsiann takes viewers through the ins and outs of life on campus. From regular COVID-19 tests and grocery shopping to fall closet essentials, she offers upbeat advice on fashion, self-care, decorating, and cleaning. Her video about moving across the cross country alone to attend college gives some insight into Lindsiann’s family and personality.

Sai Does Stuff

Film student Sai offers upbeat and entertaining commentary about a variety of fandoms. He picks apart “Black Widow” and sorts Disney characters into Hogwarts Houses. Sai does a great job of engaging his subscribers, including reading their submissions of original “Star Wars” characters. His approach has a strong appeal with viewers, leading him to make a similar video requesting that subscribers send in original Marvel characters.

Sienna Santer

Harvard University student Sienna makes videos about college life, fashion, and her travel adventures. She documents her morning routine, shares tips on how to take notes and study for exams, and even takes viewers to a Harvard-Yale football game and climate change protest. Her planning and organizing video was particularly popular among her 693K subscribers.

Riley Rehl

Riley gives an honest and entertaining look into the joys, struggles, and daily grind of college life. There’s a fun two-part series in which she asks college boys questions that some girls may be too afraid to ask and a night-in-the-life at college video. She also vlogged her friends’ college move-in day to give her 268K subscribers a look into the experience.

Hafu Go

Hafu has a 16-video series of campus crawls at some of the top universities around the world. He also shares secrets from some of the best schools, including Harvard study tips to get you into an Ivy League and “10 Advanced Stanford Study Tips.” He has hosted Q&A forums with his 687K subscribers and created a video on how to make friends during freshman year. 

Jasmine Shao

Now in her second year at UCLA, Jasmine has honed her skills as a student and shares tips on everything from staying organized, managing your time, and self-care. Her video on how to be a straight-A student touches on grade hacks, study habits, and online textbooks. Don’t miss her second-year-of-college video, “What’s in my backpack?”

Audrey Atienza

Audrey’s video and commentary about her journey at the University of Texas in Austin offers viewers a look into everything from move-in day to sorority life. She touches on college roommates and asks her 101K followers to submit questions. Audrey even put together a packing list for incoming freshmen to help them determine what’s essential and what they should leave at home.

Sydney Asencio

Sydney is brutally honest in her videos, which cover everything from freshman dorm essentials to her lack of effort in trying to look stylish at college. As a college senior, she decided to put her experience to good use by helping her brother prepare for his freshman year. Perhaps most surprising is the video in which she admits she temporarily quit college to try a corporate 9-to-5 job.

Lexi Vee

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to attend a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), Lexi gives you an insider look into Oakwood University. Her 1.24 million subscribers are treated to a college dorm tour, a video about packing for college, and a montage about the first day of school. The first video in her back-to-school shopping covers everything from the best pens to correcting fluid. 

Cole Giannasca

Many high-school students’ ideas about Greek life are primarily formed from what they see in movies and on TV. But Cole does a good job of showing fraternity life up close and personal from move-in day to tailgate parties. There’s a video about Halloweekend at the fraternity and an honest piece offering advice, answering questions about college, and even sharing some stories about the impact of COVID-19 on campus life.

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