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In health and wellness, female fitness influencers on YouTube have taken center stage, inspiring millions with their workout routines, nutrition tips, and personal fitness journeys. These influencers have not only built impressive online followings, but they’ve also created supportive communities where individuals can motivate each other towards their fitness goals. In this blog post, we will spotlight some of the top female fitness influencers on YouTube, highlighting their unique approaches to fitness, their impact on their audience, and why they are leading voices in the fitness industry

Top 15 female fitness influencers inspiring others on YouTube

Dana Linn Bailey

When it comes to weight-lifting, Dana is an expert. Dana is known for being one of the OGs of training and bodybuilding. Her channel features a series of healthy grocery hauls, check-ins on her progress, training vlogs, and more for over 543K subscribers.

Justina Ercole

Justina is a certified functional strength coach based in NYC. Justina aims to motivate her 47.8K subscribers to become smarter and stronger through her in-depth workout routines and tutorials.

Sophie — Gainsbybrains

Sophie has more than 1.31 million subscribers who watch videos featuring a variety of gym routines and workouts and other fitness videos. Her posts often feature her trendy workout sets.

Ida Bergfoth

Ida takes her 429K subscribers through her workouts targeting a variety of muscles. She takes her viewers along with her as she talks all things fitness, nutrition and life. 

Brittany Lupton

Brittany is considered to be a “go-to gym bestie” by more than 190K subscribers who join her channel to view her workouts. She encourages her viewers to find balance and fall in love with the process of practicing healthy routines.

Beth — Sporty Beth

Beth takes to YouTube to preach body positivity and acceptance and motivate her 29.6K subscribers to improve their physical health and wellness. Beth is an advocate for plus-size fitness and shares her journey in the gym while pregnant

Madison De Jesus-Walker

Madison is a fitness influencer with 233K subscribers. From sharing how to tone the upper body to educating her viewers on mistakes to avoid in the gym, Madison shares it all.

Mia Green

Mia is a fitness influencer who adds touches of lifestyle content into the mix. Over 63K subscribers see how she tackles workouts and improves routines. She also shares life that happens outside of the gym.

Penny Barnshaw

Known as Garage Fitness Girl, Penny educates over 191K subscribers on HIIT workouts, HIIT workouts with weights, bodyweight-only workouts, low impact workouts and more. Her diverse range of workouts keeps her channel fun and encourages her followers to come back for more.

Michelle Briehler

Michelle is a personal trainer who has helped others better their fitness and health for more than 20 years. Her YouTube platform continues to feature weekly workout routines that focus on improving a variety of muscles.

Carly Rowena

Carly is straight forward with her 413K subscribers about uprooting their life and transforming their fitness in 2024. The fitness YouTuber has used her channel to motivate others to stay active and features a series of postpartum workouts for moms.

Chloe Ting

No fitness influencer list would be complete without Chloe Ting. Known for her at-home ab workouts, she has more than 25 million subscribers who tune in to view her latest HIIT workouts, healthy practices, and nutritional content.

Maddie Lymburner

Maddie has built a successful channel by sharing her at-home workouts. She has more than 8.65 million subscribers who can participate from the comfort of their homes.

Lucy Wyndham-Read

Lucy is known for her workouts, which she shares with more than 2.37 million subscribers. Her goal is to motivate and inspire her viewers to get steps in each day and to stay active in 2024. 

Heather Roberston

Heather is one of the original at-home fitness influencers who has built a large platform by showcasing her workouts and HIIT training. Heather has gained over 2.41 million subscribers by teaching them how to workout properly and gain the confidence they want.


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