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When it comes to the world of baking, you can log on to the internet and find loads of informative blog posts, recipes and drool-worthy photos if you know where to look.  These baking influencers treat us to delectable content on social media.

Baking influencers creating delicious content

Lynne Feifer

Lynne is a top recipe-creating influencer who shares such baked goods as a red, white and blue patriotic cake and butterscotch chocolate chip brownies. She has a Pinterest board on which she shares 365 days of baking and other recipes. Her sharp photography skills show off her delicious treats.

Sarah Crawford

Inspired by her mother’s best baking recipes, Sarah began her blog, Broma, in college. Today, she is a full-time food writer offering a wide range of baked recipes for breakfast, lunch, or dessert. Think white chocolate brownies, olive oil cake, and salted caramel coconut chocolate cake. Her following has grown to 426K followers on Instagram and almost 500K on TikTok.

Michelle Lu

Michelle is a 21-year-old living in Melbourne, Australia, who absolutely loves to bake beautiful creations and share them with her 1 million followers on TikTok. Her baking concoctions are super unique because she loves to make cute little animals out of her treats.

Shelly Jaronsky

For sweet treats with smatterings of savory recipes thrown in, visit Cookies and Cups, founded by home baker, cookbook author and blogger Shelly. In addition to recipes, Shelly offers handy charts featuring ingredient substitution ideas, baking pan equivalents and cups-to-grams conversion in her baking tips section. One piece of advice: don’t visit Shelly’s Instagram feed if you’re hungry. She’s gained 273K followers who look to her page for cookies and other treats.

Livia Benson

Livia has gained almost 285K followers on TikTok as a teenager. She and her twin sister, Maya, love to bake from their home in North Carolina. You can find all of her recipes from TikTok on her website. Livia’s cookies and other tasty treats will have you coming back for more.


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Kate Wood

With a keen eye for detail, Kate presents recipes and photos of baked desserts that readers want to taste on her blog, Wood and Spoon. If you’re looking for dessert ideas for the holidays, you can find them on this blog. Make friends and family happy with black bottom pumpkin pie, pear almond cake, or oatmeal cream pie ice cream sandwiches. Follow along on Kate’s Instagram feed with 134K other followers for a wide range of simple but beautiful photos.

Exuberant Jon

Jon of Exuberant Jon on TikTok is exactly that … exuberant! His videos will keep you laughing and coming back for more treats. His real-life baking is a breath of fresh air and unique from the perfect bakers out of the internet. But don’t worry,  he’s actually quite a skilled baker who just likes to have fun.

Thalia Ho

Thalia of Butter and Brioche believes that baking is therapeutic and her blog and Instagram show the calming side of baking. Her unique, dark style of food photography has caught the attention of 121K followers on Instagram. Each beautifully written blog post features a literary quote at the beginning and a recipe at the end. Inspired by the seasons, she offers elevated recipes like mousse tart, espresso cacao brioche babka with rose and lemon pink peppercorn and white chocolate shortbread.

Adi Marom

If you’re looking for some serious mouth-watering food videos, Adi’s TikTok, A Bake and Cake, is the place to be. Join her 484K followers to get a taste of her exquisite baking, as well as a little cooking. Adi rarely uses audio or voice on her videos, so if you love baking ASMR, you’ll absolutely love her videos.

Maurizio Leo

If baking bread is your thing, or you want it to be, there’s no better inspiration than Maurizio of the Perfect Loaf. Maurizio has almost 260K followers on Instagram. He teaches his followers how to bake bread in a Dutch oven and shape various bread loaves, and explains the various tools that come in handy for bread baking. If you’re a carb and bread-loving baker, you’ll love his Instagram feed that’s full of different beautiful loaves.

Annie Bananie Bread

Annie or Annie Bananie Bread on TikTok is a NYC gal who loves to throw on an apron and bake in the kitchen. Don’t worry, though, it’s not just banana bread. yYou can find all kinds of treats in her videos, including cakes, cookies and pies. Annie has 44K followers and continues to grow every day with her creative bakes.

Whitney Sangprasit

If you’re looking for artistic, pastel and bright colored-cakes, Whitney’s Instagram is for you. As soon as you look at her page, you’re hit with all the beautiful colors that her 52K followers keep coming back for. Her designs are unreal, like this cake with ice cream cones decorating the sides or this butterfly cake.

Whether you need to find recipes, want some inspiration to start your own cake designs, or you’re a brand looking to work with baking artists, check out the bakers listed above or use our influencer discovery tool to find even more professionals in this scrumptious domain.


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Cake Me, Carrie!

Last, but certainly not least, is Carrie, another cake artist with a serious eye for design and artistry. Carrie has 25K followers on Instagram and is an American living in Italy, designing the most beautiful cakes. Don’t believe us? What about a cake full of honeycomb and bees or the prettiest spring cake you’ll ever see. And what’s even more interesting is that Carrie is completely self-taught!