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IZEA Launches Tracking Links

Marketers, rejoice! The team at IZEA has just launched tracking links, which are available to all marketers in IZEAx Discovery and Unity Suite, to give customers a better and more reliable way to track traffic generated by an influencer. 

Secure tracking links offer insights that help you gauge whether you are reaching an authentic audience, so you know whether your content is speaking to real, engaged people — and not bots.

To begin using tracking links, click the button for Add Link.

IZEA Tracking Links Add Link Button

Type or paste in the destination click and name the link (optional).

IZEA Tracking Links

Once the analytics have populated, you’ll get all of these features:

  • Valid clicks: You’ll get a clear picture of which creators and platforms generate the most authentic traffic so you can allocate resources accordingly.

  • Top referrer: See the top link that sent visitors to your site, so you can learn which platform(s) or influencers sent the most visitors your way.

  • Top audience location: See the geographical location where most of the clicks are coming from.

  • Device: See what type of devices your site was accessed from.

  • Click quality: A third-party authenticator shows the amount of bot activity so you can plan future efforts.

  • Click activity: See more detailed insights about the clicks with various filters for the data.

Not using IZEAx Discovery? Now’s the time to start. Sign up today.