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Athletes have been widely influential since long before the social media era. Their audiences are generally vast and tend to trust any knowledge and expertise the athlete provides. People want to look, perform or even dress like them. With the rise of social media, athletes and organizations are now sharing their astounding athletic abilities along with their daily lives. Work with one of these athlete influencers from IZEA’s creator marketplace to promote your product or service. 

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Athlete influencers you can work with today

Dustin Mercer

Dustin is a Murray State baseball player. He played football at his high school and is now the outfielder on the Murray State baseball team. Dustin also currently works as a Barstool athlete. 

Devyn Flaherty

Florida State University softball player Devyn has an audience that simply adores her on and offline. Devyn plays the infield position but holds a passion for multiple things outside of softball. She also posts about her family, friends, partner, athleisure and streetwear fashion, skin care, and beauty.

Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer has been an athlete for much of her life and now competes in races, obstacle courses, hybrid fitness contests, and more. She also enjoys water sports, yoga, and exploring the great outdoors. Jennifer is a certified personal trainer, blogger and self-taught chef and recipe developer who constantly talks about and demonstrates the power of healthy food and fitness habits

Ike Okoli

Ike is a multi-disciplined martial artist, boasting titles like 2022 IBJJF world champion and national champion in Judo, wrestling and Sambo. Ike is on a quest to be the first individual to secure world championships in BJJ, Judo and wrestling. He shares his ambitious journey with over 5.4K Instagram followers.

Kweku Parker

Kweku is a Pennsylvania-based content creator with a focus in sports and athletics, particularly football. Kweku captivates audiences with his comedic and entertaining sports satires and skits. His unique blend of humor and sports insight has positioned him as a distinctive voice in the world of online sports content and appeals to his 4.1K TikTok followers.

The Bag O’ Tricks

Bag O’ Tricks is a ski athlete who specializes in content for beginner skiers, offering guidance on mastering new tricks and fostering a supportive community. With a mission to promote skiing for all the right reasons, this creator is dedicated to uniting enthusiasts as they journey through the skiing world together. He promotes his content to his 7.9K Instagram followers, but his main reach is with 38.7K YouTube subscribers.

Having an athlete promote your brand can be highly effective. Work with one of these athlete influencers on IZEA’s creator marketplace.


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