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With U.S. influencer marketing spending predicted to hit $7.14 billion in 2024, according to Insider Intelligence, there’s no doubt that the strategy has emerged as one of the most effective tactics for brands to reach their target audience. As social media platforms continue to grow influencers have become vital in shaping consumer behavior and driving purchasing decisions. But it’s not only humans who are changing the game for digital marketers: AI and influencer marketing are quickly joining forces.

Here’s how some of the top brands are incorporating artificial intelligence to improve their influencer marketing efforts.

Benefits of AI influencer marketing 

Now that there are free and low-cost AI tools accessible to almost everyone, marketers are quickly seeing its benefits and implementing it in influencer marketing.

Preventing misalignment and fraud

Vetting influencers to ensure they don’t have fake followers, bots, or false engagement rates can be time-consuming. But it’s a crucial step that can cost brands money if they base their performance expectations on fraudulent engagement rates. 

AI-powered tools can help marketers spot signs of fraud, such as big follower spikes, which often indicate that they were purchased. 

A deep dive into older content with AI can also tell your team if there’s any reason to be concerned aboout the influencer’s alignment with your brand’s values or positioning. 

Finding the right influencer and topics

Beyond determining if a specific influencer’s followers are legit, artificial intelligence can help you mitigate risks by researching potential influencers. This includes tasks such as checking their other online activities and brand affinities, both of which could pose a problem that marketers might not discover on their own.

AI can also help monitor social media platforms to listen for topics that are trending or driving engagement. Armed with that information, you can collaborate with your chosen influencer to create content most likely to engage your target audience.

Analyzing campaign performance

Your brand may be only working with one influencer today, but, likely, you’ll quickly grow to use multiple content creators at once. This is where AI shines, analyzing telling metrics, such as traffic, conversions, and brand mentions, to connect them to each influencer’s campaign. 

With real-time insights, your marketing team can measure audience sentiments for your brand  — or your competition — and launch new campaigns immediately or improve others before they launch.

Brainstorming, drafts, and image creation

Brands and influencers can turn to AI for help coming up with campaign ideas based on relevant prompt input. Likewise, AI-powered tools now make it easy to develop drafts of almost everything, from captions and video narration to storyboards and even contracts.

AI is now readily available to generate imagery for use in campaigns based on various specific prompts, such as subjects, adjectives, art styles, and actions. 

IZEA’s AI tools, for example, can help you build storyboards, create inspirational imagery, generate briefs, and brainstorm ideas. 

AI tools for influencer marketing

AI tools have many applications in influencer marketing. Need some examples? Check out some of these AI-powered tools from IZEA:


Turn to IZEA Flex’s AI-powered tool, AI Brainstorm, to generate creative campaign concepts. Just input your campaign brief, and this time-saving tool will produce potential concepts and images for use in a campaign designed to reach and engage your target audience. 


No time to create your brief? Follow the prompts on IZEA’s AI Briefs tool to generate an influencer marketing campaign that can easily be converted into a Flex Campaign with just one click. Not only can the AI Briefs tool create a brief, but it can also determine audience demographic targeting.


IZEA’s powerful FormAI tools for influencers can produce stunning images and write text in more than 80 languages based on the prompts of your choosing. Using the best of ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, and more in one seamless package, FormAI will generate persuasive copy, which you can use as first drafts for blogs, email newsletters brand pitches, Instagram posts, TikTok captions, and more. 

FormAI Screen

As you implement your AI influencer marketing strategies, be prepared to use the tool during and after your campaigns. Analyzing metrics and providing insights to relay performance and improve future campaigns is one of the tasks AI does best. Just be sure to keep AI’s role as an assistant to humans. 

Challenges of influencer marketing AI

Avoiding homogenized content

While adopting AI in influencer marketing can be helpful in telling you what content the algorithms rank as popular, it’s important not to rely on them to the point that you box in your campaigns.

Human creativity provides authentic and unique content that should be complemented and assisted by AI, not replaced by it. If brands give too much weight to intel and trends, they could risk losing followers, engagement, partnering influencers, and profits. AI tools can be powerful inspiration tools that help you convey your ideas to your team and influencers.

Copyright issues

Because some of the more popular AI-powered tools, such as ChatGPT and DALL-E, are trained on available material that already exists online, it poses some legal risks. Several lawsuits are currently pending from artists, writers and publishers.

To protect your brand, marketers are advised to proceed with caution, to disclose the use of AI in any content created by the tool, and to stay abreast of the ever-evolving legalities and guidelines around using the technology. 

IZEA‘s FormAI has an AI disclosure tool to help brands label AI-generated content as such.

Also, remember that a recent ruling prevents AI-generated artwork from being copyrighted.


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Supercharge your content and creativity with AI — custom-built for influencer marketing.

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Supercharge your content and creativity with AI — custom-built for influencer marketing.

Try it out for free


Supercharge your content and creativity with AI — custom-built for influencer marketing.

Try it out for free


Supercharge your content and creativity with AI — custom-built for influencer marketing.

Try it out for free