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We are very excited to officially announce IZEAx® 2.0 is available! The latest updates to our platform encompass new feature sets that enhance the way Marketers and Creators engage together on influencer marketing campaigns through IZEA’s marketing technology. When looking at the processes involved in influencer marketing campaigns – discovery, activation, measurement, payment, and amplification – IZEAx 2.0 expands and improves the process behind each step all while making things easier for Creators.

IZEAx’s improved ScoreSuite™ 2.0 and new DynamicTags™ help make influencers more discoverable so Marketers can identify the best people to promote the brands they work with, while Enterprise Suite makes it easier than ever to collaborate directly with clients and share revision requests with Creators.

With Enterprise Suite, Marketers may share influencer selections with clients for review, add comments, or provide up to the minute analytics on published content with users that they invite to their accounts. This not only makes things easier for marketer-client collaboration but also streamlines the process and timeline for Creators.

Using influencers can add complexity to typical marketing campaigns, so we developed a way for both Creators and Marketers to manage expenses not included within a standard content offer. Dubbed IZEA® Pay, this feature facilitates transactions that fall outside of the IZEAx workflows to make payments easier for everyone.

When it comes to amplifying content, IZEAx has expanded the ability in which Marketers can leverage influencer marketing and increase results. Promoted Posts allow Marketers to review influencer content created within IZEAx to tack on additional paid amplification, just like a ‘Sponsored’ post seen natively on Facebook. We also developed a new pay-per-click model of influencer marketing for both self-service marketers and licensed partners, providing Creators a new avenue to monetize their influence. Through this model, ContentAmp® lets Marketers amplify either single pieces of content or article feeds while influencers get paid for the engagements gathered from their posts.

The past year has been focused on developing and improving IZEA’s technology to better support the ways in which Marketers and Creators work together. For more on the new feature sets announced at IZEAFest 2017, check out the sections below and click through to each post.

ScoreSuite 2.0 & DynamicTags

score suiteThese new and improved data tools are part of a comprehensive set of discovery features designed to assist Marketers in the identification and ranking of social media influencers. ScoreSuite is a trio of social-scoring algorithms powered by artificial intelligence designed to analyze content shared through social media. DynamicTags uses natural language processing to extract relevant keywords from within an influencer’s body of content. Read more >>

Enterprise Suite

enterprise suiteEnterprise Suite is a trio of collaboration offerings designed to help brands and agencies work together to vet influencers, review content, and measure results. Currently, the feature allows the collaboration of influencer selections and provides clients real-time analytics, with content review coming soon. Read more >>


izeapayIZEA Pay is an electronic payment system accessed within IZEAx. Creators can request payments from Marketers for expenses relating to projects or to fulfill other financial obligations between the two parties. This new system is specifically designed to facilitate transactions that fall outside of IZEA’s influencer marketing or custom content workflows. Read more >>


contentampThe new self-service offering combines content amplification with performance-based influencer marketing. ContentAmp allows publishers and other content marketers to distribute their text and video content through social media influencers on a cost-per-click basis. Read more >>

Promoted Posts

promoted postsContent produced by influencers through IZEAx can now be promoted by simply clicking a button next to the post. Doing so allows the marketer to invest in additional amplification through paid media with dynamic audience targeting features. Marketers are able to evaluate the highest performing content within IZEAx, then pay to have that content reach more people – both in and out of the influencer’s sphere of followers. Read more >>