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Programmatic Content Amplification Through Social Media Influencers

New Self-Service Offering Automates Content Amplification and Combines it With Performance-Based Influencer Marketing

ORLANDO, FL (February 10, 2017)IZEA, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), operator of IZEAx®, the premier technology platform that connects marketers with influential content creators, has announced ContentAmp® at IZEAFest 2017.

The new self-service offering combines content amplification with performance-based influencer marketing. ContentAmp allows publishers and other content marketers to distribute their text and video content through social media influencers on a cost-per-click basis.contentamp

“Publishers and content marketers are currently limited in their ability to utilize influencers in the promotion of owned content,” said Ted Murphy, Chairman and CEO of IZEA. “The economics and lack of technology automation have historically made amplification cost-prohibitive and difficult to manage. With ContentAmp, we have created a completely new influencer marketing workflow from the ground up, taking into account the needs of both the content marketer and the influencer. The result is a performance-based solution that automates the process of amplifying content for marketers and streamlines the process for influencers. ContentAmp delivers measurable results for our buyers and a brand new revenue stream for our sellers.”

Marketers are able to target potential influencers on Twitter and Facebook based on their interests and size of audience. Influencers are presented content that may be of interest and have the ability to choose the content they feel is relevant to them and their audience.

Murphy continued: “In a world of click bait and fake news, this manual curation by influencers is an important part of our process. We don’t automatically push content. Instead, we let the influencers screen for quality and relevance to their audience.” This process is in addition to the review and curation by IZEA of feeds submitted to the platform by publishers.

ContentAmp uses a cost-per-click model to measure and pay for engagement on sponsored posts. Marketers are able to set an individual budget for each piece of content they would like to amplify. ContentAmp can fully automate content promotion through the utilization of an RSS feed. It supports long-form text content, as well as online videos, such as those found on YouTube. The system will programmatically ingest content and distribute promotion opportunities to influencers. The results are provided to marketers in real-time through a newly redesigned tracking pipeline integrated with Pixalate, a leader in click fraud detection.

ContentAmp replaces IZEA’s previous self-service offering through IZEAx and is available without monthly licensing fees. The full-featured IZEAx platform for influencer and content marketing remains available under license to IZEA partners who need a more robust workflow solution.

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