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ORLANDO, FL (February 10, 2017)IZEA, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), operator of IZEAx®, the premier technology platform that connects marketers with influential content creators, has announced ScoreSuite™ 2.0 and DynamicTags™ at IZEAFest 2017. The new data tools are part of a comprehensive set of discovery features designed to assist marketers in the identification and ranking of social media influencers.

scoresuiteScoreSuite is a trio of social-scoring algorithms powered by artificial intelligence designed to analyze content shared through social media. Version 2.0 adds support for Facebook, YouTube and blogs in addition to the existing data from Twitter and Instagram. Each ranking score is based on a scale from 1-100, providing a weighted comparative index of creators in the IZEAx ecosystem:

  • Influence Rank® (InRank) is the score for an individual, and takes into account all of the social platforms he/she has attached to IZEAx;
  • Platform Rank™ narrows the lens, helping marketers look at performance on each social media platform individually;
  • Community Rank™ further refines that lens by categorizing and scoring each piece of content published to that platform and assigning it to a topical community.

IZEA has also refined the scoring algorithm by expanding the analysis to include millions of content pieces. This content provides the basis for the creation of DynamicTags, a new component of discovery of Creators within the IZEAx platform.

DynamicTags uses natural language processing to extract relevant keywords from within an influencer’s body of content. Keyword scoring is determined based on the type of word and frequency of use, measured against that creator’s content relative to a greater corpus of text. This enables the extraction of brands such as “McDonalds”, as well as interest in broader topics such as “hamburgers” or “french fries.” DynamicTags are programmatically appended to creator profiles and are searchable by marketers within IZEAx. They are updated on an ongoing basis, with tags added and subtracted based on the current conversational interests of each creator.

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