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New Service Manages and Consolidates Electronic Payments For Agencies & Media Companies

ORLANDO, FL (February 10, 2017)IZEA, Inc. (NASDAQ: IZEA), operator of IZEAx®, the premier online marketplace connecting brands and publishers with influential content creators, has announced IZEA® Pay at IZEAFest 2017. The new service enables IZEAx marketers to easily manage payments to creators within a flexible framework, easing the burden of traditional accounts payable hassles for agencies and media companies.

IZEA Pay is an electronic payment system accessed within IZEAx. Creators can request payments from marketers for expenses relating to projects or to fulfill other financial obligations between the two parties. The system provides record keeping and invoicing for the marketer, simplifying the task of managing the hundreds or thousands of small payments that can be associated with large scale influencer marketing or custom content programs.izeapay

“It is inefficient and expensive for large brands and agencies to try to manage the collection of creators as individual vendors,” said Ted Murphy, Chairman and CEO of IZEA. “The overhead costs and internal bureaucracy associated with these processes often eclipses the relatively small payment made to the creator. IZEA Pay solves this common problem.”

The IZEA Pay system is specifically designed to facilitate transactions that fall outside of IZEA’s influencer marketing or custom content workflows. This includes creator projects that may require reimbursements for items such as airline tickets or product purchases, as well as complex custom executions that are arranged outside of any platform but still require payment to a creator.

IZEA Pay is available today for IZEAx licensees. To request a demo, visit

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