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izeax, product updateProduct Updates

IZEAx Product Update: February 2021

Product Update Sections: Shake: Delivery Date Contract Updates Social Audio Category Marketers: Streamlined Project Creation Campaign and Project Image ImprovementsIZEA strives to offer flexible, effective…
March 2, 2021
Product Screen IZEAxProduct Updates

IZEAx Product Update: August 2020

Product Update Sections: Marketers: Custom Unit Names Marketers: Higher IZEAx Discovery Limits Marketers: BrandGraph Pulse with Microsoft Teams Integration This month, the IZEA team introduced…
September 1, 2020
Product Updates

IZEAx Product Update: July 2020

Product Update Sections: Marketers: Manual Verification Marketers: Flexible Draft Dates Marketers: Flexible Blog Projects Marketers: Decrease Promoted Post Budget Marketers: BrandGraph Pulse with Slack Integration…
July 31, 2020