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We Launched New Features in Both Marketplace and IZEA Flex and IZEA Flex both had exciting features launched in October to enhance the creative and collaboration process for influencers and marketers. 


In FormAI, we added Image Manipulation tools, including the ability to remove image backgrounds, replace backgrounds, and reimagine images.

  • Remove Image Backgrounds allows creators to isolate subjects with smooth edges while preserving the original image quality.
  • Replace Backgrounds gives creators the ability to place their subject in new environments for a variety of creative options.
  • Reimagine empowers creators to modify and adjust colors, effects, mood, and composition with a single click.

To showcase users’ AI creations, we also launched the AI Community Showcase on The showcase is a central location to highlight some of the best generative AI artwork created by users using FormAI.

The showcase is curated based on the quality of the final product and the distinctiveness of the settings used in the creative process. Users can replicate the prompts and adapt them to creative unique visuals. Note: Paid users have an option to keep their creations private.

FormAI, which includes generative image creation, access to GPT-4, and now image manipulation, is available for free. users receive monthly AI credits to be used with various AI tools. Users can upgrade to receive additional credits — starting at just $6 per month when purchased annually. 


In IZEA Flex, our next-gen influencer marketing platform, we launch various new features: Dynamic Content Requests, the ability to record off-platform Expenses, and Gmail integration.

Dynamic Content Requests

Flex users can solicit content submissions from influencers and organic creators with email invitations or custom short links. You can also distribute a content request publicly for broader solicitation of organic content with a usage license. Dynamic Content Requests support the submission of original photos, videos, and other production assets.

Plus, marketers can associate the content with other Flex modules for advanced campaign performance tracking and insights.

Comprehensive Expense Management

Flex now offers the ability to record off-platform expenses like creator payments, gift cards, and event tickets. This gives marketers a single view of all their tracked campaign expenses.

Like content requests, transactions can be associated with modules, like Contracts, to provide a holistic understanding of campaigns and ROI.

Gmail Integration

The Gmail integration allows marketers to associate emails sent to creators with their contact records in Flex, making emails visible and searchable. Users can also connect emails to other modules such as Campaigns, Transactions, or ContentMine for more information.

These enhancements empower creators and marketers alike, providing a more robust platform for creative collaboration and content generation.