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As a company that values citizenship and love, IZEA is committed to making the world a better place for future creators. We care about the Earth and the impact we have on it. To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, we have implemented several practices to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a healthy planet. In this blog post, we will outline our sustainable practices and their environmental impact.

We are proud to say that we have been powered by nearly 100% renewable resources since February 2022. This includes our cloud data centers, which have zero emissions, according to Amazon. 

We also planted 5,000 rainforest trees in 2023, and we plan to continue this practice in the future. By planting trees, we are taking proactive measures to reduce our carbon footprint.

We track our annual operations to measure our environmental impact. Our operations emit 263-284 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2e), which is the equivalent of 1,527-1,901 trees’ footprint, according to ClimateTrade.

Bar Chart of IZEA emissions

Finally, our remote work policy is another way we contribute to a better world. By reducing the number of commutes to the office, we cut down on emissions. We also encourage our team to participate in sustainable initiatives, such as challenges that educate them on ways to reduce our footprint and cut waste.


We want to champion the Earth and our future creators. That’s why we regularly highlight sustainability influencers around the world. Our sustainable practices, such as planting trees, tracking our carbon footprint, and using renewable energy, demonstrate our commitment to our core values of love and citizenship. By taking these proactive measures, we aim to create a better world and inspire others to do the same.