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Communication. Courage. Fun. Accountability. Teamwork. Love. Citizenship. We believe in these IZEA values.

Our team is sharing which value is their favorite and why.

Melissia Bruehl, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition

“Communication by far would be my favorite core value because I think it is an aspect of everyone’s role here. We communicate with clients, we communicate with our candidates, we communicate with each other. Being virtual, It’s extremely important to be able to have clear communication with each other, using our various different tools, to help people fully understand the things that are going on and the things that we need from each other to support each other.”

Peter Biere, Chief Financial Officer

“IZEA has some amazing core values, and I see people living them out every day. The value that resonates most with me is courage. You have to have the courage to reach into things that you might not know everything about. It takes courage to let people know that you’re learning and you don’t know all the answers and then to make mistakes and realize that you can own up to those because mistakes help us grow. Working at a company that lets me go fast-forward, lets me be myself without fear of retribution, and allows me to live out loud like that, to me, that’s courage. And it’s an awesome thing.”

Nicole Martinez, Campaign Strategist (NFT/Crypto/Web3)

“My favorite core value at IZEA is the fun aspect to it. Everyone incorporates fun into the work they do. We have a fun committee. What other company has that? And every single person is able to incorporate this value into the work that they do.”

Kevin Blazaitis, EVP, Growth

 “IZEA’s core values are more than just words on paper. They’re actually something that we live by in terms of who we recruit, how we pursue clients, how we retain clients, and our culture. The respect that we have for each other is important. Part of that starts with accountability and being able to stand up for yourself and IZEA in the right way. I’m particularly proud of the accountability the team shows and the grit that it takes to deliver numbers and be accountable both from an individual and from a team perspective.”

Katie Mellor, Senior Vice President, Client Services

“The core value that resonates with me the most is teamwork. I think that this entire company is founded on that. Every day we work together, we respect each other, and we have fun together. And I think that that teamwork has really led to some amazing stuff and helping serve our clients.”

Matt Gray, AVP, Marketing

“The core value that really stands out for me is love. IZEAns love what they do, and you can tell in everything that we do for our people, for our customers, and for the creators we work with. There’s an art to it when people love what they do and it really makes an impact for everyone we work with and our entire industry.”

Kaila Kowalski, Manager, Workplace Culture & Communications

“One of our values at IZEA is citizenship. Pre-pandemic, we were able to go into the community and do community service events and activities and philanthropies. We’ve had to reshift our focus since we went virtual. What we’ve decided to do is undertake one initiative for the whole year, which is the Adopt-a-Family initiative. Then there are other things throughout the year that promote citizenship both internally and externally, like a sustainability challenge and a mental health-focused initiative. The Adopt-a-Family initiative that will culminate the year is when we adopt some families. In 2021, we adopted two families who were survivors of domestic violence. We were able to provide supplies, basic necessities and more through donations from our team and some external avenues. So it’s just a nice way to ensure that we are giving back to the people around us, investing in our communities, even though we’re fully remote.”

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