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Welcome to our new email series highlighting all things in the Creator Economy. You’ll find Q&As, guides, influencer spotlights, case studies, our latest research, news, and so much more!

Each weekly email series installment will delve into a theme, beginning with Influencer Equality, which we advocate for and believe in at IZEA. In our first send, you’ll find:

Our recent The State of Influencer Equality® report shows the gains influencers of diverse backgrounds made in brand collaborations in the past year. 

We also celebrate and highlight the voices of influencers across all ages, backgrounds and identities. 

We chat with Owin Pierson, an Asian American Pacific Islander and LGBTQ+ influencer, who shares how he is the author of his own story and hopes to inspire others to do the same. 

We highlight some notable Black social media influencers who are sharing their passions with others. 

We showcase some motivational influencers who encourage their followers on social media. 

We share how our recent campaign with Mayvenn, a premier hair and service brand, killed it in terms of not only engagement but also featuring talented and diverse influencers. 

We also share a list of LGBTQ+ influencers who have built their following on social media by being original, inspiring, and entertaining. 

Diversity also means creators of various body types and ages. Get to know some of the top plus-size fashion influencers and what they’re doing to change the industry and shine a light on body positivity. 

And our list of top influencers over 60 shows you can have fun on social media and captivate an audience at any age.

Our goals are to keep you informed, entertained and maybe even inspired by learning about what’s going on in the influencer marketing landscape and over here at IZEA. We want it to be a valuable resource that you look forward to seeing in your inbox each week. We even want to hear from you about how we can deliver the exact content you want to see. It’s a conversation — not just an email.

We’re just getting started.

Join in on the fun!

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